How to Organize a Small Closet

Forget the idea that small closets are impossible to organize! With our advice, everything in your closet will finally be at your fingertips.
How to Organize a Small Closet

Last update: 30 September, 2021

When it seems like there’s more clothing than space, it’s common to wonder how to organize a small closet. A very valid point is when the number of garments you have begins to increase with each season.

The key isn’t to stop buying, of course not! The idea is to identify the spaces that you have inside your closet and that you can optimize with the help of elements such as hangers and storage boxes. If you’re motivated to discover how to organize a small closet, keep reading because you’ll be surprised.

How to organize a small closet?


Organizing a small closet is a challenge. It requires elements that allow everything to be kept in order for more than 24 hours. Having everything at your fingertips will make the process of choosing clothes easier. It’ll also save your time by preventing you from having to search out that special shirt.

We’ll tell you about the elements and tricks that’ll make your life easier if you have a small closet and how you can keep everything organized.

Separate clothes by item

Separating clothes by item is the first of the steps you must follow to organize your small closet. Start by removing absolutely everything–your closet should be empty. Once you do, try to separate your clothes by colors, styles, and the occasions when you’re likely to wear them.

For example, separate sportswear by colors, shirts, and pants. Office wear and casual wear, each section by color and type of garment. This way you’ll know exactly where to look when you want to wear these clothes.

Organize a small closet: one garment per hanger

Many people hang multiple items on a single hanger in order to optimize space in a small closet. However, this only works for a couple of days, as you’ll likely forget where you left your clothes and have to remove them all to find the one item you want.

Then, the eagerness and annoyance of not finding what you need will cause you to leave the hanger disorganized. If you do this, after a couple of days it’ll appear that you have never organized your closet. So, from now on, put only one garment on one hanger.

Use vertical and multiple hangers

Use vertical hangers.

Another tip for organizing clothes in a small closet has to do with the use of vertical hangers. These have a system that accommodates up to five hooks that hang down. Another option is the multiple hangers that have a single hook, but several spaces to organize the garments vertically.

You can choose the option that you like the most or combine them. For example, vertical hangers are great for organizing shirts, while multiple hangers are useful for pants.

Organize a small closet: include an accessory organizer

If you’re one of those people who wear bandanas and scarves, consider purchasing an organizer. This is a hanger-like item. It has a single hook and multiple circular spaces to fix these types of accessories there. You can also use it to store shawls.

Use the available space behind the door

Between the inner limit of the door and the rest of the closet, there’s a good space that you can take advantage of to organize jewelry and hats. If the furniture material allows it, (and you have little to hang there), use a couple of nails. If not, it’s best to install some special modular accessories for doors.

In addition to the accessories described, you can find spaces for a briefcase, umbrellas, and purses.

See awkward corners with fresh eyes

Sometimes when it comes to cabinets, (especially those built into the walls), have awkward corners where it’s not easy to store or display your belongings. Try to look at these spaces with fresh eyes and think about the kind of accessories the could help you take advantage of them.

A couple of nails, modular shelving, floating shelves, or boxes? Identify which is the best for you.

Organize a small closet: use storage boxes and baskets

Organizer boxes to organize a small closet.

Organizer boxes or storage baskets are very important when we talk about taking advantage of and organizing the space within small closets. In them, you can keep stockings, hats, underwear, or bathing suits. You get to decide what to put there, but it’s ideal that you do it by item, so it’ll be easy to access without disrupting everything else.

In addition to being useful, these accessories help to maintain visual order, contributing to a pleasing aesthetic look. If it works better for you, use a small post-it to mark the contents of each box.

Install a double rail

Some closets are small but have a good vertical space. In this case, it’s a great idea to install a double rail so you can hang your clothes on two levels. This will allow you to store more clothes.

The trick in this type of wardrobe is to organize your clothes by color and type: top the shirts and bottom the pants. In addition, you can use a couple of organizing boxes or storage baskets at the bottom where you can store items and garments that don’t need to be hung.

Store your shoes in a special organizer

Ideally, keep your shoes in your closet or in the drawers under your bed. However, if you don’t have this space at your disposal, take advantage of the lower part of the closet to place a special shoe organizer.

If you don’t have this item (or the budget to buy it), it’s a good idea to store your shoes in their own boxes and mark the type of footwear contained within them, for example, black stilettos, sandals, and tennis shoes, among others. Remember to add a product that eliminates bad odors!

Having a small closet isn’t an impediment to organizing your clothes and accessories in an efficient way. All you need to do is take the time to check what elements can make your task easier.

Put these tips into practice and don’t wait any longer to have an organized and stylish closet–no matter its size.

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