Organization Tips for More Closet Space

Creating more closet space is possible through a few simple tricks. Let's see what they are!
Organization Tips for More Closet Space

Last update: 08 May, 2020

The closet is an essential part of any room. This is the place where we store clothes, accessories, equipment, and bedding. It’s very easy for this space to get full, to the point where nothing else fits in it. Of course, this can be quite frustrating since you need room for all the things you want to store.

In addition to this, let’s not ignore the aesthetic part of this. A messy closet can make you feel stressed, especially when it comes to the bedroom closet. Remember that this is the room you spend so much of your time in. It’s important to keep the closet organized, even if it’s closed.

The tips and tricks that we’ll be giving you in this article will help you get more closet space and give you the organization you need in your room. Let’s begin.

Essential tips and tricks to get more closet space

1. The first step – make a selection

A woman organizing her clothes to get more closet space.

If you need more closet space, the first thing you should do is sit in front of it and choose the things you want to keep and those you want to get rid of. This may be hard for some people, especially those who tend to hoard. However, it’s essential to remember that less is more. We’re sure you don’t use every single thing you’re keeping in your closet – don’t be afraid to declutter and make a fresh start!

This is the first rule that guru Marie Kondo uses with the people she helps to organize their homes. It’s an essential step to eliminate several useless clothing and accessories.

2. Make a plan

Folded shirts on a bed.

Before starting to put the clothes you have left in the closet, we advise you to look at every piece of clothing you have and make a plan. Depending on the features of your wardrobe, you can organize your clothes differently. This will be up to you, your style, and, of course, the vibe you want to give the space.

3. Roll up your clothes

Rolled up t-shirts.

One of the best tricks to get more closet space that Marie Kondo also uses is to roll up your clothes so they take up less room. This is especially applicable to T-shirts this trick will also prevent them from getting wrinkly easily.

If you’re not too fond of this method, then don’t worry. You also have the option to fold them in a square as most people do. However, if you do this, place them in drawers vertically. In this way, they’ll take up less space and you’ll be able to see all the options you have when choosing what to wear.

4. Use boxes or dividers

Using square organizers are very helpful to get more closet space.

Using dividers, boxes, or baskets to separate the clothes depending on the type, colors, or shape will give you more closet space. By doing this, your closet will be neater since each garment or accessory will have its specific place. The trick here is to remember to put them back in their place to avoid disorganization.

If you have enough space under your bed, you can also place these boxes there. This will give you extra storage opportunities. You could do this on the top of your wardrobe too (if it doesn’t reach the ceiling).

Other tricks for more closet space

1. Find more closet space by storing your bags differently

Purses stored one next to the other.

Bags are one of the accessories that take up the most space regardless of where they’re stored. To prevent them from taking up more space than necessary, you can store one inside the other.

You just have to remember which bag you keep inside another to ensure you don’t waste time looking for it.

2. Place an organizer behind the door

Placing a shoe rack behind a door can help you get more closet space.

One of the best ideas for getting more space as well as spicing up a dead corner of the room is to place a clothes organizer in there.

These organizers are ideal for storing all the underwear you have. As a result, this expands the space that’s left in the actual closet.

3. Choose a bar rather than a shelf

Coats hanging on wooden hangers.

Sometimes, no matter how much you’d like to, it’s simply impossible to change the shape and structure of the closet. If you can, have more rails than shelves because rails hold more clothes than shelves.

4. Put up removable shelves

Placing removable shelves in the closet is a great idea in order to get more closet space.

A huge mistake a lot of people make when it comes to their closet is ignoring the bottom part of it. By overlooking this area, you’re wasting a lot of useful storage space. For this reason, putting up removable shelves will be the best option. You can store all your footwear on these shelves and keep everything arranged in one or more drawers.

5. The hangers you use are important!

Wooden hangers.

Getting the same type of hangers for the entire closet will gain space due to the shape that they are. Believe it or not, using different types of hangers wastes space.