Clothes Racks and Coat Hangers with Fresh Designs

In home decor, fresh ideas flow constantly, surprising us with each new design. Clothes racks and coat hangers are the perfect examples.
Clothes Racks and Coat Hangers with Fresh Designs

Last update: 18 October, 2019

Clothes racks are practical and convenient, which as earned them a secure spot in home decor. You don’t have to hide your coats and jackets in a closet – they can also help form a part of your home decor.

You can find all kinds of wall or free-standing racks and hangers at many stores. Every model helps create a certain setting, but today, we want to show you the freshest designs you can find.

Clothes racks with wheels

clothes racks wheels

Many clothes racks feature wheels. The wheels make it easy to move them, which always comes in handy. These racks normally have these features as well:

  • Two posts on each side that stand on a base, which has two wheels on each side. Moving clothes becomes an easy task, making this rack very practical.
  • A center rod connects the two sides. You can use it to hang clothes, keeping them together and on display.
  • A bottom rod connects the sides as well for more stability during movement. In short, together these pieces create a sound structure.

These types of clothes racks can come in different models. Choose whichever best suits the use you want to give it. And of course, these racks leave clothes on display. Thus, they’re perfect for home entrances.

Nature-inspired racks and hangers

clothes racks nature

You can find many different types of nature-inspired racks and hangers. Some examples are:

  • Straight pole and small protruding stubs that look like a tree trunk. These hangers are highly original and people love them. They work great in both rustic or minimalist settings.
  • Curved pole resembling natural growth, which gives the hanger a more organic feel. These hangers fit great in modern settings.

There are two kinds of bases for these types of hangers: a circular base ensures stability while legs also offer stability and natural, simple decor.

Every hanger has its own special decor; the simpler the structure, especially if it uses straight lines, the more it can offer for a minimalist setting.

Office coat hanger

clothes rack coat hanger

Coat hangers designed for offices are quite different than ones meant for homes. Office models serve a different function that’s different from those that typically ornate wooden home coat hangers have. What are their features?

  • A great example available on the market is the Dafne from Víncolo (link in Spanish).
  • Simplicity: the design features a simple pole, legs, and protruding hangers at the top for hanging coats. Instead of serving an aesthetic purpose, it’s 100% functional.
  • You can fold it and store it away when not in use. This sort of coat hanger is ideal for office settings where the focus lies primarily on work.
  • The materials are much more lightweight – a chrome pole and plastic parts.

Wrought-iron coat hanger

clothes racks wrought iron

Or, if you’re looking for a coat hanger with more elaborate detail, wrought-iron coat hangers might be a great option.

The wrought-iron has plenty of aesthetic value, making the coat hangers themselves into interesting focal points. If you set one up by your home entrance, your guests will pick up on a fine sense of home decor.

Wrought-iron reflects the characters of their makers – the manual labor reflects an appreciation for craftsmanship. In these types of coat hangers, curved and rounded lines play a big role.

On top of that, the sturdiness of the iron itself will ensure long-term use and stability for holding coats, umbrellas, and other items as well.

— Apply the arts to your home decor and put your decor style on display. —

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