Art and Decor - Two Concepts That Go Hand-In-Hand

The well-being that you feel in your home is directly related to the aesthetic sensation that you perceive. For this reason, we consider the world of decor as an art.
Art and Decor - Two Concepts That Go Hand-In-Hand

Last update: 28 January, 2021

When it comes to the world of interior design, it’s important to consider various aspects. For example, color combinations, the search for different perspectives, and the study of shapes. A lot of people wonder about the existing relationship between art and decor. These two concepts go hand-in-hand and studying them together is essential.

Everyone has different aesthetics. What’s great about this is that, by the aesthetics shown in a person’s home, one can automatically tell details about their personality. For this reason, considering interior design as a form of art makes a lot of sense. Everyone can work on expanding their imagination and, as a result, becoming more creative.

That being said, performing the work of an interior designer isn’t all fun and games. This isn’t something that can be done by just anyone. It takes learning, practice, experience, and a lot of discipline. Observing and looking for new opportunities is the best way to find beauty and interest in interior design.

The relationship between art and decor

A peaceful-looking living room combining art and decor.

When remodeling or creating an interior from scratch, it’s important to study all kinds of characteristics. It’s vital to study the positioning of objects, their shapes, and the dialogue created between all of them along with the rest of the space. Above all, this process requires an aesthetic sensitivity – something that’s usually a part of an artist’s system.

Generally, designers start from the idea of ​​composing and relating shapes and colors. Also, they try to maintain a scale so they look for proportionality. In this way, they’re able to achieve a result that’s both pleasing and comfortable.

Undoubtedly, good interior design transmits a great feeling of wellness, relief, and comfort, something that’s hard to find in other kinds of art. In this sense, people tend to appreciate interior design in a unique way. Taking all of this into consideration, why do some people refuse to see it as an art?

When beauty and decor become one

A living room decorated in earth tones.

You must enjoy the decor that you decide to use in your home. However, and as previously mentioned, interior design goes far beyond placing objects in random places. Those feelings of satisfaction and pleasure aren’t going to be present just because you like the decor. The key here is being patient and studying the right placement for them.

  • As a general rule, beauty is achieved when the human senses perceive some kind of aesthetics. Unlike other forms of art, interior design isn’t only seen through the eyes. The sense of touch plays an instrumental role as well.
  • In the world of decoration, one can reach a state of beauty when verifying that the elements go well with the internal composition of the space. When the human eye perceives beauty, a feeling of comfort and well-being automatically rises.
  • In this way, it’s possible to feel that pleasant sensation when the furniture, colors, and textures are in tune with one another. The set forms a whole that would make anyone feel peaceful and calm. Without a doubt, we’re talking about an aesthetic process that ends with beauty.

The importance of spatial understanding in art and decor

A living room showing the right balance between art and decor.

It’s wrong to see decorative resources as individual elements. Depending on their location, their function will be different. In other words, all elements in a single space establish a dialogue with one another, and this cannot be overlooked. All spaces must be coherent in structure.

The right layout will allow all decor elements to oxygenate the environment. It also offers the option of walking around and enjoying the space. This is what most people know as spatial understanding: when everything is in sync and there’s a harmony that provides well-being.

The process of art and decor

A wall full of paintings and pictures.

The work of an interior designer is quite similar to an artist’s. Many interior designers are artists. As you can see, there’s a clear link with the plastic arts.

The way you work the colors in a single space is linked to painting and its effects on the human mind.

In brief, decorating your home takes training, preparation, and creativity. It wouldn’t make sense to start working on a design when you don’t have some notions to start from or to lean on. Art and decor are deeply related and it’s important to see them both as one when it comes to giving life to a space.


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