Influential Latin American Interior Designers

Latin American interior design has really come to the fore in the last few years, with professionals giving the world of interior decor some unique, daring creations.
Influential Latin American Interior Designers

Last update: 21 February, 2020

Influential Latin American interior designers have taken their designs to the world stage. You can find their works in all the most important showcases of interior design worldwide.

The rise of Latin American interior designers has brought them to the forefront thanks to their elegant and daring creations. Their designs are vibrant, unique and modern.

Thanks to this, more and more people are betting on the creations of these interior designers, who promote the Latin American flavor throughout their decor themes.

Below, we’ll show you some examples of several Latin American interior designers who have outstanding talent, and who have become famous throughout the international decor world.

The Campana brothers

The favela chairs by the Campana brothers

These Brazilian brothers are into taking advantage of imperfections. Their favorite materials are natural and economical. They’re even into using waste materials, and they give free rein to their imagination.

As an example of this imperfect, modernist style, you’ll find the Favela chair (1990). It’s inspired by the Rocinha favela, in Rio de Janeiro. This chair is a creation made up of chips of timber joined together chaotically.

These brothers design various objects, such as steel tables, bamboo lamps and various decorative objects. Between 2004 and 2005, they created the series called Grenden Fashion, which includes a wide range of items, from chairs to shoes, all made with PVC pipes.

You’ll find their exhibits in both Brazil and large international museums and decor expos. Their seat designs, for instance, have earned them great recognition.

Their designs are very exclusive. Some of the chairs can cost around $75,000. The Campana brothers develop their creations with materials as diverse as teddy bears, cotton dolls, and stainless steel.

Latin American interior designers – Miguel Angel Aragones

Latin American interior designers such as Miguel Angel Aragones provide unique designs

This Mexican architect has carried out extensive and original work for more than two decades. He is a regular speaker at various Mexican and foreign universities. He’s also currently in charge of the Aragones Workshop.

Aragones has received many international prizes and recognition. In 2006, he was awarded the stand out prize by the International Association of Lighting Designers. He received this award thanks to his work on the Eucalyptus Project based in Mexico, an innovative housing project developing the themes of natural light and space.

In 2010, he received the Excellence Award for his work on the Andares Shopping Center project. The Urban Land Institute named this among the 10 most outstanding building developments in America.

“I am looking for comfort, coziness, and warmth in design. I’m not interested in designing a home no one wants to be in, even if it’s very beautiful. Why? Because I care about the human being who will inhabit that space.”

-Sofia Aspe-

Hernan Arriaga

A contemporary living room designed by Hernan Arraiga

Hernan Arriaga was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1973. It’s quite curious that he went through university since he didn’t study anything to do with interior design. On the contrary, he graduated in Law.

After graduating, he had to emigrate to Miami, Florida. His idea was to enjoy the landscapes of this part of the world for a few months and then return to his homeland, but that never happened.

On his trip to the States, he discovered that design was his passion and what he most wanted to do with his life. So he decided to go back to school and learned everything he could related to interior design.

This time also helped him, little by little, to fall in love with his future calling. He worked for famous designers, in this way becoming familiar with other styles than what he was used to.

The style that Hernan Arriaga has developed is quite eclectic, mainly due to the vast experience he has acquired around different capitals of the world. He pays special attention to detail and has learned to appreciate each aspect of different cultures.

Latin American interior designers – Sofia Aspe

A bedroom designed by Sofia Aspe

This interior designer began her career in a different area from the world of interior decor. She studied Business Administration but kept looking for that special something that could become her passion.

She decided to study gastronomy in Chicago, where she acquired the skills of the trade. However, this didn’t satisfy her either, so at the age of 36, she decided to do something that motivated her.

She began to devote her time to interior design. Sofia says that today she feels satisfied with her career change and that she has fun because she’s helping people at the same time as developing her passion.

This original designer likes to mix luxury with simplicity, old with contemporary. She aims to create decor that’s not necessarily trendy or fashionable, but that will be timeless for her clients.

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