Interior Design Trends of 2019

2019 is loaded with interior design trends that may inspire you to update your home.
Interior Design Trends of 2019

Last update: 28 January, 2021


Room showing interior design trends of 2019

A new year begins and with it comes new trends in interior design. The year 2019 is no different. If you want to know the interior design trends of 2019 read on. We’ll tell you about popular materials, products, and decorations.

Let this information inspire you to update your home according to the new trends. Below we show you the trends in interior decoration for 2019.

Copper, the new must-have material

Copper is going to play a very important part this year. It will show up in a lot of rooms and be a part of many decorations. The best thing about this material is that the color adapts to any part of the house in any style. Whether your home is classic or modern, there is no excuse not to use this must-have of the season.

In addition, copper is an elegant, sophisticated material that will add the perfect touch of distinction to your home. It is also a durable material. For these reasons, copper is one of the trends in interior design this year.

Copper lamp

Although the possibilities are endless with copper, here are a few ideas of where you may be able to incorporate it into your decor.

  • Bathroom. Updating the faucets by installing copper ones can add a special touch to the bathroom that will inspire nostalgia. Another option is to buy bathroom accessories like the soap dish and toothbrush holder that are made of copper. If you are daring you can opt for a copper bathtub. They are spectacular!
  • Kitchen. Installing copper countertops will bring luminosity to your kitchen. They are also very easy to clean. You can also place a large copper lamp on the kitchen table or buy flatware made from this lovely metal.
  • Living room. From a vase to a table or lamp, any decorative item in copper will look great. But be careful not to go overboard with this material.

White, the star color

If there is a color that will dominate this year’s interior decoration, it will be white. It will not only be on walls but in furniture, accessories, and decoration. For all its uses and advantages this color has become the leader of 2019.

Despite the declaration of Pantone on the color of the year, white is the star color. Similar to white, ocher, beige and other earth tones are also popular. 

White is the timeless color for excellence

The color white works especially well for small houses with low light. This is because the color brings spaciousness and luminosity. In addition, white never goes out of style.

There are also some disadvantages to white. Having an all-white room feels cold and empty. Another drawback is that it stains easily. So, think twice before buying white sofas and chairs.

White room

Square and simple shapes

Square and simple shapes are another interior design trend for 2018. Corners will be put to good use this year. All the furniture will be square or symmetrical. Tables, countertops, shelves and other furniture will be made of lightly processed woods. 

Curved profiles, over-worked woods, and sophisticated lines are already things of the past.

Today’s decoration is all about simple lines and functionality. 

Room with simple lines

Although new trends in decoration lead us to white things, square lines and simple furniture, the old still has its place. 

Antique furniture is increasingly popular and this year is no different.

The tendency to combine modern pieces with those from past decades continues to rise. 

Antique furniture, despite its age, is high quality and can be used to decorate perfectly.

Why not restore some old furniture or buy a special piece from an antique shop and make it a part of your bedroom or living room decor? Another option is to give a piece of furniture you already have a fresh look. Its essence will remain the same but it will look more modern.

Restoration of furniture for interior design trends