A Kitchen Faucet as a Decorative Item

How to choose a faucet for decor and function
A Kitchen Faucet as a Decorative Item

Last update: 18 April, 2019

For the kitchen of your dreams, you have to take into consideration your faucet, also known as a tap.

It’s one of the indispensable items in kitchen decor so you should choose the one that is the most practical and functional.

Something to remember is to look at the aesthetics of the faucet. The first thing to consider is that it should go well with the rest of the kitchen, adding a decorative touch.

In addition, a faucet doesn’t have to be something boring and drab. In today’s article, we’ll tell you everything you should know about choosing the perfect faucet for your kitchen. We’re going to suggest some ideas with designs that you’ll love.

Things to consider first when buying a kitchen faucet

Before choosing the type of faucet you should consider a few other things. First, you need to measure the available space. 

Then you need to decide on some other issues. For example, if there is already a sink or if you need to install one. Will the sink be a double or single sink? Will it be a deep or shallow sink? These points will determine the function of the faucet.

It’s important to measure the space from the position of the faucet to the wall or window. If it’s very close, you may need to choose a different one as it won´t turn on correctly. However, don´t forget aesthetics when it comes to the faucet. Especially since there are a thousand and one possibilities available.

Once you have taken measurements, you can start to think of the design that you want in your kitchen. Remember, it’s important that it goes well with all the other items in the kitchen, from the counters to the appliances. Consider these things and the result will be an attractive room for preparing meals.

kitchen faucet

Kitchen faucet options

There are many types of kitchen faucets in stores. The important thing is to evaluate them carefully to find out which one is most suitable for your kitchen.

  • Two-handled: These were the most common in the past. One handle is for cold water and the other is for hot. Consequently, it’s a bit difficult to get the right mix of warm water. This system also doesn’t take advantage of the space in the kitchen. However, this type of faucet has returned in vintage style kitchens that trade functionality in favor of aesthetics.
  • Single-handle: the most common type found in homes today. With just one movement, you can get cold, warm or hot water just by raising the handle. You select the temperature by moving the handle to the right or to the left. As a result, this type is the most useful and practical.

Less common styles

  • Extendable kitchen faucet: unique because you are able to remove the spout from the faucet pipe so you can spray water over all parts of the sink. This allows movability and ease of use since you can remove it from the faucet and use it like a hose. We see this style more and more because it’s functional and practical. In addition, it’s great if you have a large and deep sink.
  • Folding faucet: a folding system that allows the faucet to move one way or the other. Therefore, it’s very useful for sinks that are located in difficult areas. For example, for a sink that’s situated beside a window which doesn’t allow the window to open, it’s possible to move the faucet.
  • Wall attachment: located on the wall behind the sink. Installation is a little more complicated than those that are located on the counter. However, they save space and allow for more mobility.
Completely white kitchen with movable faucet

Designer faucets

Grohe Start Loop

This model, without a doubt, is one of the finest and most elegant on the market. Its design is modern, simple and functional.  It’s ideal for minimalist decor. Additionally, it has a polished chrome finish, which gives it a delicate and subtle appearance.

It can adapt perfectly to all spaces since it’s a counter faucet, with a single handle, and a high spout. This last feature makes it easier to fill pots and pans.

This faucet is very easy to install. So you can do it yourself. Besides this, it’s very easy to clean.

Woman getting water out of the tap

This model is one of the more functional and less expensive ones on the market.  It’s unique because it has a faucet that’s retractable and extendable, and it’s a practical tap to mix the water temperature. On top of this, it’s very easy and simple to install.

The mouth of the faucet has various openings and functions as if it were a shower head. This means you have better control of the water that you use.

Its design allows for a constant and natural flow of water to clean the kitchen quickly and easily.  The composition of this faucet is zinc alloy, with a polished chrome finish. It’s a very durable product.

However, the only negative feature, depending upon the space that you have, is that it may be too large. Be sure to take this into account when considering this model.

Single handle faucet with a chrome finish

Light-up faucet

This brand of faucet has a modern and attractive look, perfect for state-of-the-art and trendy kitchens.

It has a polished chrome finish with black trim. Also, it has a flexible neck that lets you direct water where you need to. Additionally, it includes tiny led lights in different colors that add fun and originality to the faucet.

This model has been one of the most highly rated faucets over the last few years.

Curved faucet with different colored led light around the spout

Do you like our design options for kitchen faucets? These are just some of the models that we like. In specialty stores you’ll find many more to choose from.

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