4 Beautiful Kinds of Large Vases

Learn about these original large vases examples and how you can use them for home decor.
4 Beautiful Kinds of Large Vases

Last update: 04 March, 2019

Vases are a decorative element that has stood the test of time. They decorate the bare areas in our home. They’re also elegant additions that work well with their surrounding interior decor. In our post today, we’re going to talk about large vases. This decor trend only gets stronger with time and offers increasingly interesting designs.

We’d like to show you some examples of big vases that you can use at home. We’ll also explain where you can use them, indoor or outdoor, according to its design.

Large vases: decor trend

Today, discover 4 kinds of giant large that you’ll love for your home decor. There are different shapes, sizes, materials, textures, and colors. You’ll need to look for the right look and colors to find the perfect vase for your home.

large vases 1

1. Glass vases

Giant glass vases are a trendy decor element these days. They create an elegant setting for your home. You can find transparent, black and white or many other colors. Black and white vases are very popular for decorating minimalist or modern settings.

Additionally, glass vases have a shiny appearance, so they’ll be great accent pieces for your home entrance. For the rest of your home, you could try decorating with smaller glass vases with different shapes. They’ll create a beautiful visual harmony in your home.

2. Metallic vases

Beautiful metallic vases are next on our list. Metal is one of the oldest and common types of materials for vases. You can mind them in a variety of shapes and textures. Try decorating your home with beautiful prism or cylindrical vases. Some vases feature a crafted surface full of exquisite detail. They’ll work great for your living room or dining room corner.

large vases 2

3. Ceramic vases

Oversized ceramic vases can also be a wonderful decor option for your home. Some people place them on top of a large dresser to really show off their size. But you can also use them to dress up corners or empty spaces.

You can find ceramic vases that are smooth, white, pictorial or plenty more; opaque, shiny or antique finishes as well. These giant vases will fill your home with elegance and a hint of  romanticism. Try adding some beautiful flowers or dry branches to them for extra decor. The latter is a hot trend that’s used in spacious homes with empty corners. Add one to your dining room corner or next to a window.

4. Lighted vases

Lastly, lighted vases are another current trend. They’re popular picks for home exteriors. They have a simple light installed inside that reflects onto the entire vase. Big lighted vases really make a statement outdoors.

large vases 3

Oversized vases also work for home entrances, decks, big balconies, and other places as well. They come in all kinds of shapes but prisms are the by far the most common. Some of the modern options come with a flower pot on the top, which can hold real or artificial flowers. The combination of their lighting and original flower pots are absolutely beautiful.

Look for one that attracts you the most. But remember to consider the space that you have either inside or outside your home. In a small home, big vases would only get in the way so make your selection carefully. Browse through the shapes, colors, materials, and textures and find your favorite. They could be the finishing touch that your home needs. Give them a try and decorate your home with this lovely trend!

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