The Best Kinds of Lamps for Your Kids' Rooms

Lamps are necessary in just about every room in the house. Read this article to see which kinds are perfect for your kids' rooms!
The Best Kinds of Lamps for Your Kids' Rooms

Last update: 01 March, 2019

When decorating your kids’ rooms, you always want to have fun, energetic, strong lighting so that they can study comfortably. We’re going to make that a bit easier by showing you the best kinds of lamps for your kids’ rooms. 

Lamps are necessary for just about every room of the house. The goal is to combine good lighting with an eye-catching look. But it’s not always easy to find that balance.

What characteristics should you look for in lamps for your kids’ rooms?

There are a couple of things you need to have in mind when you’re thinking about what kind of lamps to put into your kid’s rooms:

  • Effective lighting. Whatever lamp you choose, your main priority should be good lighting. The light should spread evenly throughout the space and the bulbs should be energy-efficient. You can pick out some that give off either warm or cold light, depending on your specific needs.
  • A youthful look. Pick eye-catching, fun, youthful designs. Lamps are more than just a light source–they’re a form of decoration too. So pick out some vibrant colors and interesting designs! It will give your kids’ rooms a much younger, calmer feel.
yellow hanging lamp

So, those are the two main things you need to keep in mind when searching for lamps for your kids’ rooms. But you also need to factor in their age and what they use their room for. Those two things also play a huge role in the kinds of lamps you might choose.

Younger kids don’t always spend as much of their after-school time in their rooms. The main thing they use it for is playing, so a moderately bright ceiling lamp should be more than good enough. In that case, there are several different lamp options, as we’ll show you in the next section.

If you have older kids, they probably spend a lot more time in their rooms studying and doing homework. That means they’ll need a stronger light. In that case, you’ll want more functional lamps, though they should still have a youthful feel. Further down, we’ll talk about how you’ll want to have other light sources on top of a ceiling lamp.

Fun lamps for the little ones

If you have little kids, they don’t need a lot of light to study with, so we suggest you buy a more fun lamp for them. These kinds of lamps are perfect for young kids’ rooms because they still have a function (lighting), but bring a fun, original feel to their space.

There are all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles for these kinds of lamps. But they have one thing in common: kids love them. The one thing you need to keep in mind is how bright they are. 

In some cases, their designs block some of the light they generate. The light doesn’t spread evenly throughout the room, and it ends up being poorly lit. Always make sure you’re not sacrificing good lighting for a fun design. 

Fun, functional lamps for teenagers

If you have older kids they probably spend lots of time in their room studying. So, they need better, brighter lightFor that, our suggestion is calm, youthful lamps with a bold design that still give off enough light so that your kids can do all their homework.

orange details in kid's room

But you also want the lighting to feel comfortable. So, you should buy several lamps that go well together. For example, you buy one for the ceiling (the key player) and one flexible desk lamp to help them study. You can also get a third one to go on their  nightstand. 

That way, you’ll have three great, youthful lamps with different levels of brightness, to suit all your kids’ needs. Whether they want to study, read in bed, or simply hang out in their room, they’ll have the perfect kind of lighting for whatever it is they want to do.

So, as you can see, the kind of lamps you want for your kids’ rooms depends a lot on how old they are and what they use their room for. But at the end of the day, you always want to make sure their spaces have proper, effective lighting.

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