The Best Lamps for a Nightstand

It's very common to keep lamps on your nightstand, but not all lamps are suited for this job.
The Best Lamps for a Nightstand

Last update: 12 October, 2018

In this article we’ll give you a few of the best lamp options to use on your nightstand. Regardless of the design or color, bedside lamps are really essential. They help us when we wake up at dawn and can’t see, or when we’re trying to read in bed when it’s dark outside. In this article we’ll tell you about the best options, as well as give you tips about how to choose the right one.

Tips to choose between lamps for the bedside table

There are thousands of designs and models of lamps  on the market  to use on our bedside tables. It’s very difficult to choose between such a large variety! Perhaps the first ‘filter’ through which decorative items go through is the price. However, it’s not necessary for us to spend a lot of money on something. We can easily find something in our budget that is nice and fits our tastes.

bedside table

Having a lamp on a bedside table is a fundamental accessory for day or night. Our bedrooms aren’t very well lit at dawn, and having a lamp can give a totally different character to the environment. If you don’t know how to choose an appropriate lamp, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Pay attention to the size

The lamp shouldn’t be over a third of the size of the night table. Don’t forget that you usually place other objects such as a clock, your mobile phone, a glass of water, a book, medicine, or a photo there. You don’t want the lamp to take up all the room!

2. Consider your decorative style

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a beautiful Victorian lamp or a Louis XV. However, your room may be decorated in a minimalist or modern style. These two won’t combine at all. In this case, you could put the lamp in your room, but you would have to alter some other elements in your room to make the lamp more cohesive to your style.

The same thing happens with colors. Take a look at the shades that exist in your current home environment. Ideally, you want to find a lamp that combines or matches perfectly with your room. Some lamps have accessories or small parts that match the rest of the room, and that works as well.

3. Don’t put aside the lighting

Many lamps that sit on your nightstand can look beautiful in a decor magazine. However, when you take the lamp home you realize that it either gives off too much light or that it doesn’t give off enough. Before you get rid of the lamp, remember that you can alter the way the lighting looks by changing the type of bulb.

The amount of lighting you need will depend on what you do in your room. If you’re a person who likes to read before going to sleep you may need a brighter lamp.

The best lamps for a nightstand in 2018

Once you know the tips for choosing the best lamp for your bedside table, the next step is to be aware of the trends in home decor and accessories for your home. Would you like to know what the latest trends in home fashion are? Let’s take a look.

1. Minimalist lamp

An option that works perfectly in modern or minimalist room is a white or clear lamp with small details. These include an LED bulb that allows you to choose between different colors. You can also choose different levels of brightness. All you need to do is touch it with your finger and it will light up.

minimalist lamp

2. Futuristic lamp

If you like accessories that look like something out of a science fiction movie, there are many bedside lamps that will strike your fancy. For example, take one that looks like a spaceship. You can find a lamp with colored buttons, circular shapes, or metallic details.

futuristic lamp

Of course, a futuristic lamp wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have a USB connector for you to charge your phone. This is ideal for wireless use in the case of the light being turned off. This type of lamp could be a great idea for a child’s room.

3. Elegant lamp

With a contemporary touch combined with something perfectly vintage, this chrome drop-shaped floor lamp and shade is perfect for a sophisticated room. In addition to the design, it has more than interesting features such as being able to adjust the intensity of light. You can also use LED or conventional bulbs.

elegant lamp

4. Himalayan salt lamp

If you consider your room to be a sacred place where you meditate or practice yoga, this salt lamp may be just what you need. With therapeutic and healing properties, the Himalayan salt lamp adds a warm hue to the environment and looks very nice on a night table.

himalayan salt lamp
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