Summer Wardrobe: Tips for Organizing for the Summer

Now that summer is getting closer, it's almost time to make the dreaded change of wardrobe. We'll give you some tips to organize it perfectly.
Summer Wardrobe: Tips for Organizing for the Summer

Last update: 20 January, 2019

In the following article, we’ll give you some tips to keep in mind when organizing your summer wardrobe. Even though we try to delay this as much as possible, the time comes sooner or later.

However, when you finally decide to change your wardrobe from winter to summer, you should take advantage of this time to go through your clothes.  Ask yourself the following questions: Have I worn this piece of clothing this year? Does it still fit? Would I buy it again if I saw it in a store now?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” it’s a good idea to get rid of that piece of clothing. You can donate or recycle your clothes. One option is the “Clothing Collection” initiative, developed by H&M. In addition, for each bag of clothes that you deposit, they’ll give you a discount coupon valid for your next purchase.

Also, the changing season is ideal to reorganize your closet. Below, we’ll give you some tips and ideas so that this doesn’t become an endless task and you can effectively organize your summer wardrobe.

Move winter clothes to an upper area of the closet

When you move the winter clothes out of the way, you’ll have so much more free space. Winter clothes take up much more space than summer clothes.

Moving your winter clothes creates more space for your summer wardrobe.

After choosing the winter clothes that you don’t think you’ll use anymore, we recommend you put the clothes you’re keeping in transparent boxes or plastic cases (for coats, suits, and pants).

This way you can see what you have more easily. Even if it takes a little longer, we recommend you organize your clothes in a certain way, preparing for the next change of season. When it’s time to change again, you’ll appreciate having done this.

For example, you can organize depending on the type of garment, or the colors… You can have a box only for hats, scarves, gloves, and other accessories.

When you’re finished, place all the winter boxes in the highest part of the closet or another storage place. Then they won’t get in your way or take up any space you need.

Organize your summer wardrobe: divide clothes into categories

While this may seem silly, you’ll learn to appreciate it. Separate the clothes depending on type: t-shirts, shirts, jackets, pants…

If you’re a very organized person, you can even do more subdivisions: tank tops, short sleeves, etc. You can have your summer wardrobe as organized as you like.

T-shirts and pants can be stacked on shelves since they won’t wrinkle. On the other hand, shirts, skirts, or dresses could be better on hangers to avoid any wrinkling.

However, when hanging clothes, only put one garment on each hanger. While this might seem like a waste, you’ll see that it’s much easier for you to find each item. Also, it will create more visual order.

Don’t forget to make space for mid-season clothing, which you’ll continue to use.

Sort garments chromatically

Without a doubt, this is going a step further when it comes to organizing your summer wardrobe. In addition to making it easier to see each garment, it also creates a sense of order and balance.

Although this may seem excessive, even the most disorganized person will feel a certain sense of relief and calm seeing clothes like this.

One possibility is to follow the order of a color wheel, like the ones you used as a kid in school.

Your summer wardrobe should be organized by color.

Also, with this system you’ll be forced to be more organized since each time you return a piece of clothing to your closet, you’ll have to put it in a specific place.

Leave space for shoes and accessories

Finally, we want to tell you about accessories. Sometimes we don’t give much importance to these.

If your wardrobe is large enough, you can choose to place a shoe rack inside the wardrobe. Therefore, you’ll optimize more space in the bedroom.

It’s better for it to be at a medium or low height. If you have a dressing room, you can allow yourself a whole area from top to bottom full of shoes.

A summer wardrobe takes up less space than winter clothes.

As for the accessories, try to organize them so you can have them all close at hand and not lose sight of any of them.

To do this, you can opt for vertical panels with hooks so that each belt, purse, or necklace has a place. Therefore, you’ll find them easily and they won’t get tangled up.

With bags, do the same thing. You can place them along a shelf according to their size and color or hang them from hooks on the inside of closet doors.

As for underwear, bikinis, and swimsuits, we recommend that you keep them in vertical, hanging organizers or in drawers with small divisions. This way it’s easier for you to keep everything organized.


We hope that these tips will help you organize your summer wardrobe. If you’re an organized person, having everything neat and tidy won’t be a problem for you.

Obviously, organizing is easier with less clothing. To give a more summery touch, you can put up some kind of garland. Finally, remember that there are numerous accessories for the interiors of closets. This makes everything easier to organize.