Party Garlands: 4 Ideas for Garlands For A Party

Want to learn how to make your own garlands? Here we'll show you some easy and beautiful idea that you can make yourself.
Party Garlands: 4 Ideas for Garlands For A Party

Last update: 18 December, 2018

In this article, we’ll teach you about different types of garlands that you can make yourself with a few materials. Garlands are decorative elements that you can use to fill empty spaces and even party garlands to decorate for celebrations. 

In general, it’s typical to create these garlands with a particular theme for various celebrations. For example, a baby shower, a child or teen’s birthday, Valentine’s Day party, Christmas, and much more.

We’ll tell you how you can create your own party garlands in a few steps and with easy to find materials. These are simple to make and use materials that are environmentally friendly or recycled from your home. Here are some examples:

Party garlands

You can create garlands with fabric, paper, lights, wool, and many other materials. In addition, you can use a single material or combine several to make a more interesting garland. Also, if you want, you can choose a color palette and combine several tones to give the garland more character.

1. Fabric garlands

There are many ways to create fabric garlands. Ideally, you can use pieces of fabric that you have at home or clothing you don’t use anymore. If you want, you can buy bits of different fabrics in stores. Combine the colors that you like the most. Choose plain or patterned fabrics and start creating.

Party garlands can be made with fabric.


We’ll teach you how to create beautiful garlands with fringed fabric. This alternative is easy to make. First, you cut several strips to the same length from whichever fabric you’ve chosen. Then, take a cotton rope or similar material that you have at home. Next, start to tie each of the strips of cloth onto the rope.

Tie the strips one by one without leaving any space between them. You’ll have an original garland with the fringed cloth to decorate for a party.

If you choose this option for a baby shower, for example, we recommend using pastel colors. Pinks, blues, and pastel greens can create a beautiful look for your party.


Another nice option for fabric garlands is to create a strip of pennants. You can make this style of garland with fabric or paper. Cut several fabric triangles of the same size and in different colors.

Then, attach one side of the triangle to a string, which will support your garland.

If you want, you can place the triangles side by side or separate them. Then, you’re finished! You’ll have a beautiful garland of pennants to put up as decoration for any celebration.

2. Hearts made of wool

This is a romantic, beautiful, and simple option. First, you need to cut out several cardboard heights of the same size. Take a thin or medium thick wool in red or similar colors. Next, wrap the entire surface of the heart with the wool. Interlace it in several directions.

You can make party garlands with wool hearts.

Finally, tie the upper ends of each of your hearts to a string with the same wool. Put on as many hearts as you like and distance them from each other as it looks best to you.

You’ll have a romantic garland for an important anniversary or Valentine’s Day celebration. Surprise your partner with this beautiful idea.

3. Create a garland with lights and cups

Garlands with lights have become essential decorative elements in homes. What better way to create a party garland? You’ll need small plastic cups and a string of Christmas lights.

First, make a hole in the base of each cup. Then, place the cup over each light on the strand of lights. This way, the cup simulates a lampshade for each light.

4. Natural garlands

The natural garlands can also be a beautiful option for any celebration. If you celebrate your birthday in the fall or want to decorate for the holidays, you can use some of the following ideas.

Natural party garlands can be perfect for Christmas parties.

With leaves

To make a garland with leaves, you’ll need several large, dry leaves and colored spray paint. A good option to paint them in ochre or silver. These colors will give a refined and elegant look to your decorative garlands.

Spray each of these leaves with the spray paint. Then, let them dry. Next, tie or glue each on to a string. You’ll end up with a beautiful garland of autumnal leaves.

With pineapples

If you’re thinking of decorating your home or a room to celebrate the holidays, pineapples can be an interesting choice. You can choose to paint them or maintain their natural appearance. Tie the top of each pineapple to a sturdy rope. 

If you want, you can intersperse painted pineapples with unpainted pineapples. You’ll end up with a beautiful, natural garland with a few simple steps and materials.

Create your own garlands and decorate your party with originality. In addition, use materials that are easy to get or even that you can recycle. Go ahead and decorate your home with these original party garlands.

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