Modular Furniture for Small Apartments

While the idea of living in a small apartment might not excite you, you might change your mind by choosing smart, modular furniture. It can help you maximize all your available space.
Modular Furniture for Small Apartments

Last update: 09 July, 2020

If you live in a small space, you should consider modular furniture designed for small apartments. For example, some options include sofas that transform into beds, beds that have drawers, or bunk beds that include cabinets or desks.

There are also dining room tables that you can easily enlarge or shrink, based on your needs. However, there are endless options and varieties. These can help create more space and comfort in your small house or apartment.

The key is to know how to choose modular furniture for small apartments that’s both appropriate and functional. You should consider how to select compact furniture that will help you maximize your space.

If you live in a small place, you know how important it is to take advantage of every inch of your apartment. In large cities, apartments are shrinking more and more so you need to optimize every corner.

As a result of this trend, some designers have dedicated themselves to manufacturing furniture that can serve more than one purpose. Therefore, you can move your furniture based on your needs.

Next, we’ll show you the main characteristics of modular furniture for small apartments, which will help you choose the best options to take advantage of every corner of your apartment.

Modular furniture for small apartments – modular bookcases

One example of modular furniture for small apartments is modular bookcases.

These bookcases, in addition to being modular, can also be multifunctional. For example, you can use baskets as extra storage for kids toys or other objects.

Modular bookcases can be a great focal piece for a small room. You can even use this style in studio apartments.

Folding beds and bunk beds

This type of furniture is a great option for a small room, especially if you use the room for other purposes during the day. There are many options. Some also come with cabinets or a desk integrated into the structure.

Having a bedroom that also serves as a living room is not always easy. This lack of space can cause problems. However, using these practical, space-saving furniture pieces can help create more space.

Compact and convertible sofas

Compact sofas are another option of modular furniture for small apartments.

This type of furniture is designed to be modular and easily transformed. This means that at night you can use this sofa as a bed. It also has drawers in the base so you can store quilts, pillows, or sheets.

Also, with this type of furniture, no one will notice that there is a bed hidden in your sofa. This is also an ideal guest bed for visitors. As a result, this type of sofa is a great option for a small home.

Modular furniture for small apartments – shelves

Shelving that is designed to put on tables or walls is an ideal way to maximize your space. You can use these shelves to store books or other stationery.

A great option is to make the most of your bookshelves. You can place these on both sides of the door or above the window. To complete the look and make sure that they look like they take up less space, you can paint the shelves in the same color as the door, window, or wall.

Bunk beds and beds with built-in wardrobes or desks are an excellent alternatiave for decorating small rooms.

Modular cabinets

Modular cabinets are a great option for maximizing space in a small room. You can find cabinets with compact drawers or with space to place cardboard or wicker baskets.

These drawers will give a fun touch to your wardrobe. You can find boxes of different shapes, colors, and designs. These are also very versatile. You can store a wide variety of things or clothing and accessories for everyday use.

Modular furniture for small apartments – tables attached to the wall

A table connected to the wall.

There are many tables that you can attach to the wall. That way, they don’t take up much space when you’re not using them. We recommend these tables to take better advantage of the space in studio apartments.

In very small apartments, the kitchen, living room, and dining room make up the largest area of the space. To complement this type of table, you can also get folding chairs.

Although these tables take up almost no space when not in use, they can seat several people comfortably when removed from the wall.

Tips to make your home feel spacious

Maximize lighting

The right lighting can help your house or apartment look much more spacious. First, you should maximize any natural light. Avoid blocking any of the windows.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

A room with a mirror up against the wall.

Mirrors are key for smart decoration of small spaces. They enhance and maximize light, as well as providing depth. This helps spaces feel larger.

As a tip, you should place mirrors on the widest wall of each room. The best option is to have mirrors directly facing the doors or windows.

Modular furniture in light tones

Considering purchasing white or light-colored furniture. You could also use transparent or platinum-plated materials to create a feeling of more space.

High, long curtains

These types of curtains create the visual effect of a high, wide ceiling. We recommend that you hang the curtains from the ceiling, rather than where the window frame begins.

Also, you should choose a light color for the curtains. These curtains should also reach the floor.

With this brief overview of modular furniture for small apartments, we hope you feel ready to decorate your small space in the best way!