Difficult Spaces, Great Solutions

You can transform difficult spaces by using a little creativity. In this interesting article, discover ideas that will inspire you.
Difficult Spaces, Great Solutions

Last update: 22 October, 2020

Some areas in houses can pose decorative challenges, such as pillars and sloping walls. Nevertheless, all of them are capable of providing functionality that you probably hadn’t imagined. We decided to try to find solutions for all those difficult spaces to take advantage of every inch of your home. Continue reading to find ideas to solve your storage and decoration problems.

Ideal spaces

A study area with shelves and a desk.
Image: pinterest.es

If you have a nook, don’t worry. You can create a perfect study or work area there! All you have to do is place a table or a desk in the gap and several shelves at different heights that you can use to store whatever you like.

Now, you just need the right chair, a plant, a lamp, and voilá! This little corner will be the perfect space for you to concentrate and study.

That space under the stairs

A shoe rack under the stairs.
Image: pinterest.es

If you have a staircase with space, you should take advantage of it. A good way to do so is to install a shoe rack. This way, you’ll avoid clutter in your closet and take advantage of those extra inches.

And if you’re a wine lover, you can also have your own little private cellar there by making a cabinet with dividers for the bottles.

Difficult spaces – sloping ceilings

A decorated attic.

Although attics have a special charm, it can be difficult to take 100% advantage of them.

However, the options are endless. They range from placing a custom wardrobe in the lowest area, creating a beautiful gazebo to enjoy the stars, or creating a play area for your children.

Corners – difficult spaces

A multipurpose cabinet.
Image: pinterest.es

If you have a small bathroom and don’t know how to make the most of it, take advantage of the corners! Corner furniture can be a great way to gain a few feet.

On another note, your living room may be filled with difficult spaces. If this is the case, one of the ideas that we like the most is installing a fireplace. Yes! You can opt for a pellet stove that’s very easy to install and emits a lot of heat.

If your kitchen is small, take advantage of a free wall to hang accessories such as ladles, colanders, and even some pots and pans. Also, you can install a wooden plank that serves as a breakfast bar and helps you clear some space from the counter.

Multipurpose furniture

A sofa with storage space.
Image: ikea.com

If you have a difficult and small space, you can get creative with the furniture. We love headboards with side shelves to put books on, for example.

In addition, sofas with hidden storage space can help you keep your living room tidy.

Difficult spaces – what do I do with my washer and dryer?

A laundry room.

The washer and dryer are appliances that take up a lot of space. A good idea is to make a custom closet for them and place them side by side, so you have everything you need to do the laundry.

If you have enough space, put up some shelves and a bar to hang coat hangers. This way, you’ll have a perfect ironing corner.

The entrance hall

An entrance hall.

No matter how narrow the entrance to your house is, your entrance hall can prove helpful in many ways. A small closet to store coats (or a wall coat rack), a shoe rack, and a bench with storage that allows you to sit down to take off your shoes and store them inside are good ideas for this space.

Take advantage of hallways

A carpeted hall.
Image: pinterest.es

Halls are difficult spaces by definition. However, you probably rarely think about them. You could install a bookcase that’s only 11 inches deep. If the hall is wide enough, you can place some cabinets on the opposite wall.

There are no difficult spaces – you just need to use your imagination. With some creativity, you’ll be able to take advantage of every inch of your home.