6 Tricks to Remove The Bad Smell From The Shoe Rack

We have six tricks for you to help eliminate the bad smell from the shoe rack. Some tricks are homemade and cheap, others are a little more conventional. Try one or more!
6 Tricks to Remove The Bad Smell From The Shoe Rack

Last update: 06 July, 2021

One pair of shoes enters and another pair comes out! Gradually a bad smell begins to take over the shoe rack. Although we often promise to do something to solve it, we forget to or we fall short. The fact that this space acquires a bad smell is normal, odors of sweat and the same material of each shoe converge there, especially if it’s a shared space.

Stay calm! Bad smells from the shoe rack will soon be a thing of the past, as we bring you six tricks to help you control it. Thus, opening the shoe rack will no longer be a form of torture for anyone at home!

Six tricks to remove the bad smell from the shoe rack

Among the tricks we have for you to remove the bad smell from the shoe rack, you’ll find some homemade options and others that are a little more conventional. In any case, try them out and identify which one best suits your space.

1. White wine vinegar with water

Use the white vinegar.

As studies have indicated, some odors related to sweat are due to the breakdown of bacteria in the body. Therefore, it’s normal for shoes to start to have a bad smell, but it’s necessary to regularly disinfect them. In the case of keeping shoes in a shoe rack, we must also disinfect the rack to prevent it from becoming too impregnated with odors.

White wine vinegar has disinfectant properties that stand out. Research has even reported that its use to disinfect toothbrushes is safe and more effective than triclosan. If you do this for an item as intimate as this, imagine what it’ll do for your shoes!

In this case, we’re going to mix the white vinegar with water. You’ll need to empty the shoe rack first, including shelves and dividers. Once everything has been removed, use a spray bottle and a cloth to clean the walls with this mixture. Clean each of the parts that you’ve removed and clean the shoes on the outside and inside.

2. Just vinegar

Mixed with water isn’t the only way to use white vinegar, another option is to use it on its own. Add a good amount to an open container that you can place inside the shoe rack, let it act for one hour and 30 minutes and remove it. At first, the vinegar smell will be quite strong, but you’ll soon see how it begins to dissipate and gradually eliminate the bad smell.

3. Baking soda

Apply baking soda.

Baking soda is a must when it comes to eliminating odors. As studies have documented, its deodorizing and disinfecting properties make it a multifaceted product widely used in cleaning processes.

To remove the bad smell from your shoe rack, spray baking soda on each of the surfaces and corners. Let it act for 30 minutes and remove it. Of course, you must be careful that this won’t spoil your shoes. You can also rely on pump dispensers or closet capsules that contain baking soda.

4. Diffusers

If you’re not convinced about these homemade tricks to eliminate the bad smell of the shoe rack, you can try diffusers or odor eliminators. These are products that, in addition to emitting a fragrant aroma, have components that absorb and eliminate bad odors.

5. Air out your shoe rack

Aerate to remove the bad smell from the shoe rack.

Air helps dissipate odors. So, try to naturally air your shoe rack and the home in general. Also, try leaving a sprig of basil, sage, lavender, or a little ground coffee inside the shoe rack. These tricks will complement the natural work of the air currents in your home.

6. Take care of your shoes

This is the last of the tricks we have for you, but not the least. Keeping shoes clean and with controlled odors has a direct impact on the shoe rack. To start with, you need to use foot powder and when you remove your shoes, you can use tea bags inside the shoes to eliminate odors, let them cool in the open air, and store them.

In addition, shake your shoes before entering the house so as not to leave them in the shoe rack covered in dust, dirt, or some other external element that contributes to generating bad odors.

Say goodbye to the bad smell of the shoe rack!

How about these tricks to eliminate shoe rack odor? They are simple, basic, and inexpensive. Everything we like!

So don’t resign yourself to having a nice shoe rack that no one wants to use. You can use one or more of these tricks because, due to the constant use of shoes, it’s not enough to do something just once. To achieve good results you have to be consistent.

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