Vintage Decorative Accessories for Your Bathroom

Among the vintage decorative accessories for your bathroom are bathtubs with metal legs and wooden flooring. Keep reading to find out more!
Vintage Decorative Accessories for Your Bathroom

Last update: 15 August, 2021

If you’ve already decided to redecorate your bathroom in the best vintage style, we’ll tell you about the decorative accessories that’ll help you achieve it. You’ll find that you may have to buy some of them, but others you may already have. Remember, this style gives prominence to older elements or items that include this appealing aspect.

Decorative vintage accessories for your bathroom

Keep reading because we’ll tell you about the vintage decorative accessories for your bathroom that’ll make any changes you’re about to make, worth it.

Clawfoot bathtub

Vintage bathtub with legs.

In spacious vintage bathrooms, a bathtub can’t be missing. But not just any bathtub! It has to be one with legs. Preferably, you should choose legs with a metallic finish. If your bathtub is made of white ceramic, the legs can be silver or gold.

Bathtub trays

Continuing with the theme of bathtub adjustments, it’s necessary to consider having a tray: a functional accessory that’s very fashionable. These evoke memories of historical bathrooms and allow you to spend your most relaxing moments with a book and a glass of wine.

Furniture of yesteryear

The furniture of yesteryear and antiques are essential pieces when it comes to creating a vintage style in your bathroom. You can buy some new pieces that already have worn finishes or choose those made of untreated wood, which has the same effect.

On the other hand, don’t rule out the option of giving a new lease of life to old furniture that you already have at home. Bet on restoring these items and consider applying a little chalk paint.

Decorative vintage bathroom accessories: add a classic mirror

Mirror for a vintage bathroom.

The mirror is one of those vintage decorative accessories for the bathroom that you can’t exclude. However, finding a new mirror to match this style can be complex, but visiting a local antique market is always an option. You’ll be surprised by the treasures you can find in these places.

These mirrors are characterized by being large, with thick frames, and with very beautiful carvings. You can choose between a wooden frame or a wrought iron one, depending on the material you’ve chosen for your other decorative objects.

Decorative vintage bathroom accessories: faucet

When you decide to redecorate in the vintage style, each element is important, including the faucet. These elements stand out for having two controls, one for cold water and the other for hot water. They’re usually found in materials such as bronze and copper.

Wicker baskets

Wicker is one of those materials that takes you back in time, so you can’t exclude using pretty baskets in your vintage bathroom to organize your items. In a large one, you can order your towels; in a smaller one, organize your personal hygiene products, and in a medium one, store your toilet paper.

Wooden floor

Vintage hardwood floors.

Among the latest vintage decorative accessories for your bathroom, we find the flooring, which should be made of wood. These types of floors are usually expensive and require special care when installed in humid areas such as the bathroom, but it’s worth it. You can’t imagine how good it looks over time.

Now, if it’s not within your budget or it’s not to your total liking, you can choose a laminate floor with wood finishes.

Vintage walls

We finish this list of vintage decorative accessories for your bathroom with the walls. The most traditional options are placing white tiles in a horizontal position or those with designs, such as hydraulic tiles.

It’s also a very valid option, especially when it comes to minimally invasive reforms, using wallpaper. Choose between dots of different sizes or engraved flowers. Everything will depend on your tastes.

Other decorative vintage accessories for your bathroom

We’ve told you about the different vintage decorative accessories for your bathroom, but it doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones. Going into more detail, and depending on what you want to achieve with your bathroom, you may consider using old door knobs, water basins, or old wooden signs.

Appeal to your imagination and gradually consolidate the vintage style of your bathroom. Decorate a couple of glass jars, make scented soaps or place a scouring pad near the bathtub. Remember, every accessory counts!

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