How to Choose the Best Mirrors for your Home

Mirrors can help you create a focal point in any room and they add style to any decoration. Why don't you try them?
How to Choose the Best Mirrors for your Home

Last update: 07 February, 2021

There’s a way to make any space look beautiful in a simple and luminous way – mirrors. They have a practical side, which you can use to create a great look for the day as well as an aesthetic side that’s what we’re looking for.

Here we’ll discuss all the places in your home to use a mirror. Also, you’ll learn how to place them to make any room shine its own light.

Mirrors in the home

Mirrors are a timeless decorative element, they’re practical and give a sense of depth and luminosity to any room. If you put a mirror in the right place you’ll make any space look even better. First, there are a few tricks and trends that you should know.

A mirror with a silver frame.

Where to place them?

First, think about what you want to achieve with your mirrors. For example, if you have a small and dark room, a mirror in the right place can make it look wide and luminous. Also, you can make it the focus of the room by hanging it on top of the fireplace or above the couch.

Another way to add depth to a room is a smoke and mirror effect. Hang the mirrors in a way that they simulate doors and windows, to give a sense of continuity and make the room look bigger than it actually is.

Using mirrors and Feng Shui

You’ve probably heard about Feng Shui, a philosophy that speaks of the importance of objects, what they’re made of, and where you place them in an area to let the energy flow freely and give you a sense of well being and prosperity.

Mirrors are a key part to make energy work in your favor. In fact, experts agree on the importance of using them well. Here are a few tips to hang a mirror, according to Feng Shui:

  • Be careful with what they reflect. They have the ability to multiply anything. They must reflect something nice, never garbage, or a mess, documents, nor bills. You don’t want your debts to multiply.
  • Don’t put a mirror near the foot of the bed. If you’re lying down and the mirror reflects your body, it can reflect the mirror’s energy towards you. Throughout the night, it’ll be sending and receiving that energy, and you won’t be able to rest.
  • Avoid having a mirror near a window to keep the energy from escaping.
  • Broken mirrors can disorient you. Don’t keep them if they’re broken.
  • Don’t place a mirror at the bottom of the stairs or the end of a hallway. The energy will bounce back, and the chi won’t flow the way it should.
Two mirrors above sink.

Large mirrors – a romantic trend

Large mirrors are popular. They’re elegant and can be the focal point of any room. They’re great for the bedroom, the dining room or the hall. You only need to pay attention to a few basic aspects of design.

Here’s a trick – if the mirror is tall but not wide, place it against the wall. On the contrary, if it’s wider than its high, it’s best to hang it.

If the room you want to place them in is small, don’t rest the mirror on the floor. It’ll become a nuisance and will make the room feel smaller.

Shopping for the best option

Would you like a few ideas to choose the best mirrors for your home? Some are big and others are small, but you need to decide what works best for you.

A mirror in a bedroom.

Triptych mirrors: This is the perfect centerpiece for a dresser.

Wall mirror: You can hang this on the wall.

Golden: A mirror with a golden frame can give your home a sophisticated and modern look.

Mirrors can be focal in your decoration if you learn how to use them. On a wall, on top of furniture, or resting on the floor, they’ll give you a lot of options. Decorate any space with them and multiply beauty, light, and home style in a flash.