Scandifornian - The Trend that We're Crazy About

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Scandifornian - The Trend that We're Crazy About

Last update: 26 September, 2020

Do you know about Scandifornian? It’s an interior design style that combines the simplicity of the Nordic with the fun of California. We just love it.

If there’s one thing we like, it’s the mixing of trends and with this, the combination couldn’t be more appealing. What do you think about linking the California atmosphere with its free and easy spirit with the peace and simplicity of the Nordic style? Voila, you have the Scandifornian style, a new trend that’s here to stay.

We’re real fans of fusion

Living room with contemporary furniture


Mixing styles is nothing new. You’ll remember that some time ago we talked about japandi. In fact, this was an appealing mixture between Japanese elegance and Scandinavian style.

This time we’ve gone a step further. The nordic decoration is still at the top, but it’s now joining another trend to add a touch of freshness to interior design.

The most remarkable thing about this unexpected combination is the achievement of the perfect balance that results in spaces with a certain vintage taste. At the same time, it’s bright and orderly.

Scandifornian minimalism is a little bit more daring due to the bohemian twist that comes from California.

Keys to the Scandifornian style

Baby's nursery with a booshelf


Scandifornian interiors tend to have open spaces decorated with bohemian objects with hints of the ’70s.

Take note of the main elements that define this deco style.

Passion for white in Scandifornian style

Remember that this style combines the desire for light that the Nordics love and the sunny days that are common in Los Angeles. That’s why white is the color that unites them – pristine, eternal, and full of possibilities.

All of the above makes the perfect backdrop for natural materials and earth tones. These include beige, brown, vermilion, and orange.

Light-colored wood is essential

Known as blond wood, this is the color of honey – soft, natural, and full of warmth.

You can see it on floors, furniture, and even on walls. We love it for how well it combines with other elements and how the feeling it creates.

Simple and minimalist lines in the Scandifornian style

White room in the Scandifornian style


If you want a touch of Scandifornian at home, you must forget the idea that bohemian is synonymous with busy.

Here, minimalism is king, but don’t think that the decor has to be boring and lacking personality. This style wants us to play with textures. For instance, these elements may be stone, ceramic, wicker, cotton fabrics, linen, or cork, a material that’s revolutionizing interior design.

By doing this, you’ll achieve extra warmth by giving a personal touch to each of the rooms in the house.

Mid-century inspiration

Do you know the principles of mid-century decoration? Although we talk in-depth about it in the article in the link, simplicity and functionality are the motives of this style that arose in the ’50s. In fact, this was the result of industrial growth and the technology boom. Have you seen the series Mad Man? Actually, it’s the most authentic representation.

If we talk about including it in Nordic decor, the idea is to rescue pieces of the past and incorporate them into your decor, giving them prominence.

Natural textures

The eco-friendly stars of this trend are bamboo, sisal, jute, wicker, and rattan because they look great with white and wood tones. You can’t go wrong with these elements.

Do you like the Scandifornian style?  We love it because it’s cozy, clean, and has a sophisticated touch that comes straight from the second half of the 20th century.