The Best Set Designs from TV Shows

We've gathered our favorite home decors from TV shows for our post today. Which one is your favorite?
The Best Set Designs from TV Shows

Last update: 05 December, 2019

Movies and TV shows alike can give us all sorts of inspiration: fashion, food, travel, and even home decor.

So today, we want to run down the list of our favorite set decors from TV shows. Let’s be honest with ourselves, who hasn’t thought about painting their walls lavender after watching Friends? Or who hasn’t longed for vintage decor while following the adventures of Don Draper in Mad Men?

Today, let’s walk down memory lane, pop some popcorn and remember our favorite TV set decors.

The best set decor from TV shows

Mad Men

TV shows mad men

If Mad Men makes you feel something, it’s yearning. It’s a longing for a time that’s long gone. The set uses Mid Century classics and has true elegance.

The setting evolved from the somber 50s to the colorful 70s all thanks to Don Draper and Betty, the perfect wife.

Sex and the City

TV shows sex in the city

Carrie Bradshaw’s little New York apartment was the dream for women all around the globe– especially her dressing room. Carrie sprinkled vintage accessories and an eclectic style in her home decor, which matched perfectly with her personality and fashion sense.

Gossip Girl

TV shows gossip girl

The upper-class new York decor style dished out big tips on interior and contemporary design. Christina Tokin ran the set design for Gossip Girl and is also known for her work on Sex and the City.

Of all the sets, Blair Waldor’s room was a top favorite.


TV shows girls

Hannah, the star of Girls, fits perfectly into the style of her New York apartment. It was feminine and vintage while having a mix of styles that were as authentic as she was. Interior designer Laura Ballinger created the sets and made a name for herself as a TV set designer.


Tv shows friends

If we’re talking about the best TV sets, we can’t leave the number 1 sitcom that shaped an entire generation off the list. Friends and its New York sets made us fall in love with color. For the first time, we saw what it mean to mix colors and styles successfully. And we learned how to fill a home with personality by adding objects full of history.

Big Little Lies

TV show big little lies

The houses that residents call home in Monterey, California are breathtaking. The five women in the show demonstrate different home decor styles, but they’re all gorgeous. Let’s take a closer look at each of them (because they’re worth it)

  • Renata (Laura Dern): Renata has a custom-made mansion that sits on top of the highest part of the hill. And the best part? It has a balcony where she can enjoy incredible sunsets.
  • Madeline (Reese Witherspoon): Madeline has a glass home at the seaside. We can’t forget about that amazing kitchen and the giant island and tiles.
  • Celeste (Nicole Kidman): Celeste’s home represents luxury itself along with warmth and sophistication. And her dressing room is anybody’s dream!
  • Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz): Bonnie, Madeline’s ex-husband’s new wife, is a true yogi. As such, her home breathes peace and tranquility. Her nature-centered home is perfect for anyone who loves the countryside.
  • Jane (Shailene Woodley): Jane is a single mother and has a simple home. While it’s simple, it’s the perfect little one-room nest for herself and her child that makes her feel free.

Making decor into a true art that transmits concepts and originality is no easy task. And that’s why interior designers are so incredible. TV sets are very important as they give and develop the characters’ personalities.