Decorating with Antiques

Decorating with antiques has been in fashion for several years now. However, do you know how and when to use them? We'll give you all the tips and help you need to differentiate between the vintage and the old.
Decorating with Antiques

Last update: 28 January, 2021

in fashionDon’t call it old, call it an antique. Many older items are full of personality. Pieces that you may have recovered from your grandmother’s house, from a bazaar, or a specialized store. If you know how to treat and combine them they can become real treasures. Decorating with antiques will give your home a special and unique touch which will make you feel at home.

Making a difference by decorating with antiques

Antique furniture.

We tend to get confused about what the difference is between old, vintage, or antique. Well, the fact of the matter is that they’re not the same at all. So, to help you become an expert decorator, we’re going to explain to you the differences between each one.

  • Old. Regardless of how old the particular piece is and its value, this word is used to describe items that aren’t restored
  • Vintage. This word has become very fashionable recently. Its correct use is regarding pieces or items that were made no more than 20 years ago and whose style corresponds to the time of their manufacture.
  • Antique. To describe something as antique it has to be hand-made, more than 100 years old, and of exceptional quality. This is why its price is so high.

Let’s talk about the past

We’re now going to tell you what some of our favorite objects are for decorating with antiques. You’ll see how to combine them with more modern furniture and give them prominence.

Photo frames

Photo frames.

There are many beautiful antique frames. We especially like gilt frames with relief and baroque shapes that can fill any room with elegance and sophistication.

You can polish and make them shine or let them keep their aged look. This depends on the effect you want to achieve and the style of the rest of the furniture.

Coffee and tea sets

Tea sets.

Grandma’s porcelain is back in fashion, and even more so if you make it the prominent feature by placing it in the dining room window as if it were a piece of art… which, of course, it is. Tea sets with fine classic designs with bucolic images, flowers,  and even Chinese images are the favorites here.

Antique glassware for decoration

Colored glasses.

Glassware sets are also highly valued in terms of antique decoration. The most sought-after are of glass because they can transform an ordinary table into a banquet fit for royalty. This is another piece that will look great in your display case, especially if the case itself is also antique.

Antique furniture

Antique desk.

You’re sure to love those pieces of furniture typical of the apothecaries of yesteryear. Those amazing tiny drawers filled these items that were either used as desks or counters in years gone by. These are all pieces of furniture that you can adapt to any area in your home and transform them into a table, a chest of drawers, or a kitchen cabinet.

Embroidered items in antique decoration

Embroidered cloth.

We don’t want your house to look as if it’s gone back in time a hundred years, or make it look like a musty old house – far from it! But by adding certain precise touches while decorating with antiques, you will create a beautifully chic home.

An example of this is to use embroidered textiles – yes, the ones that made you cringe when you saw them in your aunt’s house! However, what you’re going to do is use them sparingly. They’re items of valuable craftsmanship, and we’re sure you’ll look at them differently now.

Cupboards to amaze you

A cupboard.

Here we have cupboards that come from the kitchens of the past and which can perfectly fit into dining rooms in the 21st century. They’re extremely useful and are perfect for storing crockery, glassware, tablecloths, and anything else you’ll need to set the table.

You can restore the wood carefully, as we explain in this article about how to restore wooden furniture, or transform it using chalk paint.

So, let the antique and the modern live together, and create a home that will transmit elegance and a taste for beauty thanks to your decorating with antiques.