Decor Trends - Display Cabinets to Die For

Remember that display cabinet that your grandma had with all her fancy dishware? Display cabinets are back and you're going to love them.
Decor Trends - Display Cabinets to Die For

Last update: 19 January, 2020

Display cabinets are trendier than ever. You can find them in flea markets, antique shops or your grandma’s house. These furniture pieces can create tasteful home decor full of objects that speak for themselves.

They typically showcase dishware and may or may not have doors. This time, they’ve reinvented themselves to decorate any room in your home. And while they’re ideal for dining room or kitchen decor, you can also transform them into a wonderful toy closet for children. There are all kinds of ways to give them a second life and new uses.

Transforming old display cabinets

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a vintage display cabinet, take the time to walk through what you want to do with it. Check out our ideas below.

Paint it

display cabinet paint

Paint it a solid color or play with contrast using a dark color in the inside and a neutral one on the outside. The colors of your dishware should also play a role in your color selection. If they’re lighter in color, painting with contrast will help them stand out more.

Aged wood

display cabinet stripped wood

If you want to maintain the retro feel of your display cabinet, try an aged wood effect. It’s perfect for Bohemian or rustic decor. Aged wood also works great in eclectic spaces where multiple decor styles intertwine.

Fabric lining

display cabinet fabric lining

If the inside of your cabinet is damaged and you don’t know how to restore ittry lining it with fabric or wallpaper. Use designs and patterns that create an antique decor. Possible ideas are flowers or natural elements. The lining will look beautiful inside the cabinet.

What can you fill a display cabinet with?


display cabinet dishware
  • If you decide to fill your cabinet with dishware, don’t stuff it indiscriminately. Take your time choosing your choice pieces.
  • Choose dishware that matches your cabinet and looks good. Check out this link for a little inspiration.
  • As you browse dishware possibilities, don’t try to create a museum display. Have fun with sizes and shapes by creating stacks of plates and teacups. Create a dynamic display.
  • Tea sets are gorgeous. Hang teacups from little hooks and use different teapots to create a beautiful composition.
  • Respect your color palette. Make sure your pieces stay in harmony with the rest of the furniture in your living room.
  • Decorate with flower vases. Set up candles in metallic holders or with a plate of candy. The accessories will add creativity.

Display cabinets with other contents

display cabinet other
  • Use your cabinet in a bedroom and fill it up with bedding. Add little air freshener sack so that every time you open the doors you can enjoy a lovely fragrance – your sheets will also smell delightful.
  • You can also put your cabinet in your kitchen and use it as a pantry. If you decide to create a pantry, avoid filling it with cans and sauces because you’ll detract from its charm. Instead, use glass or metal jars to store your food products while creating a nice decor at the same time.
  • If you have space in your home entrance, display cabinets can add the perfect touch of chic. The decor will make your guests feel very welcome and it’ll also serve as storage space.

Display cabinets are back and we loved sharing our ideas with you!

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