How To Keep Kids' Toys in Order

You might be convinced that it's impossible to keep your children's toys in order. We'll give you some advice to create peace in your home.
How To Keep Kids' Toys in Order

Last update: 11 June, 2019

If there’s one issue that can cause problems in any house, it’s how to keep kids’ toys in order. Sometimes, it’s hard to get kids to pitch in with household chores. Some kids don’t know how to clean up very well. Therefore, you should try to make tidying as easy as possible with furniture and accessories that help motivate your kids.

As a general rule, most homeowners have problems with space. You should take advantage of every corner so that your house doesn’t feel cluttered. With kids, however, space problems just get worse. We’ll give you some tips to keep kids’ toys in order.

Keep kids’ toys in order

Tidy up

Dealing with kids' toys requires organization.

Firstly, what you need to do is go through everything. Then, you need to discard what is no longer useful. We’ve talked about this in other articles. It’s one of the basic principles of Marie Kondo.

We have to use the same principle when it comes to kids’ toys. Often, there are broken parts, lost toys, or lots of things that they don’t play with anymore. Throw away what no longer works. Then, donate anything else.

For your children, it’ll be great for them to learning about getting rid of what they no longer use. It will also let them learn about the importance of sharing with others.

Think about where you’re going to store the kids’ toys

A bunch of kids' toys.

To keep children’s toys in order, it’s important to be clear about where the toys are stored. Assign a specific place. You can also consider furniture that is the right size for your children to access.

Little by little, cleaning up will become a habit. A time will come when children will clean up without being asked. It’ll become less of a burden for you and your family.

The ideal furniture to keep children’s toys in order

A storage unit perfect for children's toys.

There are lots of storage units that are practical to help you keep your children’s toys in order. It’s important you classify the toys by size, by type, if they have small pieces, or books, etc.

One great idea is to use boxes or clear, plastic bins so that your kids can easily see what’s inside. That way, they won’t pull everything out looking for one specific toy. You can organize with them so that they know where everything is and get used to cleaning up.

Kids learn by example

A kid's room with kids' toys in the corner.

With this whole process, you’re teaching them something important: how to clean up. This lesson, like everything you teach your children, is learned from example and through repetition. Teaching them to pick up their things after playing with them is also teaching them to take responsibility for their actions. Now, it’s also your turn to be a little more orderly and lead by example.

The basics of keeping kids’ toys in order

A child's room with kids' toys.
  • Small, cubicle-style shelves so kids can have individuals spots for their books and each type of toy.
  • Baskets made of paper, wood, plastic, or natural fibers are useful. In addition to being practical, there are some interesting designs.
  • Put furniture at their height. That way they can pull their own toys out. It will give them more autonomy when it comes to playing and cleaning up.
  • Decorate the storage elements in a fun way with colors and characters that they like. That way they feel more motivated to clean up their space.
  • Coat racks are also very useful to help them with cleaning up. They not only serve to hang their jackets and coats, but they can also hang up their backpacks or bags with toys, paints, and brushes. Use your imagination!

With these tips and a bit of perseverance, your kids’ bedroom will no longer be a mess. You’ll teach them the wonderful habit of cleaning up.

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