Learn How to Decorate a Toy Library!

If you want to create your own toy library but don't know where to start, read this article for our helpful tips!
Learn How to Decorate a Toy Library!

Last update: 15 May, 2019

If you love kids and have a big space where you can work with them, read this article on the best way to decorate a toy library! What could be better for kids than a place designed just for them to do fun activities?

The truth is, you can’t always use any old room for something like this. The main thing you need is space. It’s with that in mind that you should start furnishing the toy library and decorating with all the other necessary elements.

Here are some of the things you can use to decorate your toy library: mats, drawings, colors, good lighting, vinyl stickers, etcIt’s also fundamental for you to keep in mind your objective with this project. Remember: the main people you’re trying to entertain with this space are kids.

The first step if you want to decorate a toy library: the floor

A picture shows a carpeted floor with some toy blocks laying on it, in a toy library.

Before you start furnishing, you need to have a stable floor that can’t be scratched up or crack because you’ll be working on it a lot. If it’s not tough enough, it could start to wear very quickly.

So, what kind of floor is best? An anti-scratch laminate is probably the best since it’s easy to install, you can swap out a specific section if there’s a problem with it, and it also holds the heat well. A tile floor could also be fine, but it’s much colder.

Anyway, our best recommendation is for you to cover the floor with a mat or a thick rug. This way, you’ll have a tough floor, but also one that won’t hurt to fall onto. The kids could even play barefoot since there won’t be a risk of them getting cold.

Comfort should be a big priority.

Wall decor: a fantastical space

A picture showing how to decorate a toy library: with a tent, a rug, and some fun wall decorations.

You should always decorate a toy library with light and color. That means decorating the walls in a way that adds an interesting, playful look to the room. So, how do you do that?

  • Firstly, try to have an overall decorative theme. If you keep something specific in mind, whether a character or just drawings that are fun for kids, that will give you a path to follow.
  • The wall should have a color that goes well with the theme. Or, if you prefer a more neutral space without drawings or shapes, you can add some color through wall paint. For example, sky blue is a common choice because it conveys freshness, calmness, and friendliness.
  • Vinyl stickers are also a great choice for a space like this. You can get them in the shape of animals, trees, natural things, clouds, etc…They’re also easy to put up and take down if you want to change them out and keep the space from being monotonous.

How to decorate a toy library: children’s furniture

A picture of children's furniture in a toy library.

You need to have furniture that suits their needs if you want them to be able to do all kinds of activities. In other words, you need functionality. Here are some great ideas to keep in mind:

  • A round table with colorful plastic chairs so that they can do activities with their hands. If there are going to be a lot of children, it’s best for the chairs to be different colors to have a dynamic feeling in the room.
  • Multi-colored wooden shelves: little kids also need to learn how to organize things when they’re putting them back. Having shelves on the sides of the room is a great way for them to be able to do that.
  • A play area: if you want this to a be a space where they can do activities that involve movement, you want to make sure they have the room to move around without running into furniture. Thin mats are perfect for this.

Your lighting needs to be the best

A brightly lit toy library with well organized shelves and tables and lots of colorful toys.

You absolutely must have good lighting if you want to decorate a toy library properly. You may work during the day, or later on after the sun has gone down. That means you’ll want to have both natural and artificial light.

If possible, you should have big windows that let in lots of natural light. This is the best thing for kids, and can actually help them improve their emotional stability.

But you still need to have some kind of overhead lighting within the room. Make sure they’re bright enough to light up the room, and give off warm light to create a sense of calm within the kids.

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