Decorate Your Kids' Rooms With Animals!

You should always factor your kids' tastes in when you're decorating their room. But if you have a baby or infant, you can go for something more general like animals--what kid doesn't love them!
Decorate Your Kids' Rooms With Animals!

Last update: 03 March, 2019

One of our favorite ideas on how to decorate your kids’ rooms is to use animals. No matter if you have boys or girls, these decorations look great, and you can adapt them to your child’s tastes. Here are our tips on how to transform your kids’ rooms.

Of course, you should factor in your kids’ tastes when you’re decorating their rooms, but if you have a baby or infant you can go for something more general, like animals. What kid doesn’t love them?

One of the first ideas that come into people’s heads when they think about how to decorate for a baby is animal drawings and shapes. Children love dogs, cats, elephants, and giraffes.

There are lots of directions you could go when decorating your kids’ rooms with animals. No matter their gender, animals are a great theme and will give their rooms an original feeling. Here are our ideas:

6 ways to decorate your kids’ rooms with animals

1. Prints and wall art

Maybe you just want a tiny bit of animal decor in the room, and to paint the walls one color. Or perhaps the room is small and you don’t want to overload it with things. Or maybe you just prefer a more minimalist style. 

In any of those cases, our suggestion is to buy or make your own animal paintings. You could also buy some prints and get them their own frames.

2. Wallpaper

There are all kinds of options here. For example, you could pick out wallpaper for an entire wall, or just a part of it. Color-wise, you could try to pick out one that matches the furniture, curtains, or other decorations.

Wallpaper looks great and has the advantage that you can take it off easily and replace it with another style. This will also keep your walls damage-free. Try looking at some home stores to see what kinds of wallpapers they have (animals, letters, numbers, flowers, etc.)

animal illustration wallpaper

3. Stuffed animals

Another great way to decorate your kids’ rooms with animals is to buy some stuffed animals. And we’re not just talking about the typical teddy bear. Get elephants, tigers, whales, monkeys, dogs, cats, and anything else you can think of!

Put them in a visible place in the room,  close to the crib, in a rocking chair or on a piece of furniture in the corner. Some parents even hang the stuffed animals from the walls, making for some really nice wall art.

4. Wall decals

Wall decals are popular right now because they’re versatile and easy to install. They also come in many sizes and can really make a wall stand out. There are all kinds of designs, some of them just black and some super colorful.

So, for example, you can choose one with lots of jungle animals and put it up on the wall opposite your kid’s crib or bed. Or, you could stick them to the window, on the door, or on the closet. Whatever you do, wall decals will help you make your kids’ rooms feel extra fun.

5. Paintings

How about doing some painting yourself? Or maybe you know an artist that can help you. We personally love the idea of painting a huge tree on the wall, along with some animals. For example: birds, monkeys, elephants, giraffes–bring the safari to your house!

An easier idea would be to use molds or stencils and use spray paint to fill in the design. You can do this for butterflies, sea animals, or anything else you like!

6. An orginal idea: plastic animals

If you liked the stuffed animal idea, you could also decorate your kids’ rooms with animal toys. They come in lots of sizes and colors. You can glue them to a square piece of wood painted a color that contrasts with the toys, and then use it like wall art.

animal hangers

Or, you could make hangers out of animals, where the heads are the hooks you use to hang up clothes and other things. You could use lions, elephants, tigers, etc–just about any animal will work. It’s also simple to do: get a long piece of wood and paint the animal figurines if you want. It’ll look great, and be functional too!

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