Paper Stars - Use Them in Your Decor

Fill your home with stars with these decor ideas.
Paper Stars - Use Them in Your Decor

Last update: 26 November, 2019

Paper stars bring endless options to your world of decor. All you need to use them is a little imagination. You can create more or less complex figures depending on how skilled you are and how much you know about paper folding techniques. As you’ll see, using stars to embellish your home is very simple and the results are spectacular.

Another great advantage when using paper stars in your decor is that they’re economical. In most cases, all you need is colored paper in various sizes and string. As you can see, it’s very simple to add a new look to your home.

First of all, make some paper stars

The first step to play with this type of design is to create the stars that you’ll need in your home decor project. You can make the stars as different from each other as you wish. So, your final result will depend on your knowledge of origami and other paper techniques. Next, we’ll give you several ways to make some paper stars.

Simple paper stars

A paper star chain.

The easiest way to create a star is to cut its silhouette on a sheet of paper. If you’re following this technique then you might like to print an existing design and use it as a template. Most paper is too thin so use cardboard for this. You could print it on regular paper and then paste cardboard to the base.

Five-point paper stars

A paper five-point star

If the previous idea seems too simple then you’ll love this one. It’s a five-point star you can make as shown in this video.

You must be patient and follow the steps. The first you make may be hard but it’ll get easier as you begin to make more and you’ll also do them faster. Mix and match colors and sizes to come up with original compositions.


A paper snowflake.

This third idea is the most colorful, without a doubt. It seems a bit complex but it’s in fact quite easy to make as you can appreciate in this video. If you’re looking for voluminous colorful ornaments you can use as focal points then this might be your best option.

Now that you know how to make different types of stars, you’re ready to put them all together and put them in the spot of your choice. These are just some of the examples of stars you can make. This is because origami and other paper techniques offer endless design possibilities.

Integrate your paper stars into your decor

Here are three different ways to use paper stars as adornments. Keep in mind these are just some proposals and that the sky’s the limit.

Star garland

A paper chain.

Garlands are synonymous with celebration and joy and there’s nothing better than making one yourself. Just measure the length of string you need according to the area you intend to cover and then paste your stars onto it. This type of adornment is perfect for a hall or a lounge.

Galactic mobile

A mobile hanging from the ceiling.

If what you want is to decorate your children’s rooms with stars, then you might like the idea of making a mobile. All you have to do is join two metal rods to make a cross. Then hang some string from it and attach all the stars you want to use. Be careful with the length of the string because it’ll be annoying if you hit your head every time you walk under the mobile.

Also, you can encourage your children to make other adornments with the same paper you’re using to make the stars. The result will be quite unique and original.


Our last idea is to make an original headboard for a bed or as a simple object to embellish the top back of your sofa. Just find a wooden board that’s the same length as either your bed or your sofa.

Then, cut several strings that are as high as your headboard. Now, glue the stars to the strings and then tie their top ends to the wooden board. Play with the stars combining the colors, sizes, and heights.

Now that you know how to use paper stars in your home decor you can give it a galactic touch and fill every corner with them. The results will be quite fun and eclectic, and won’t break the bank.

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