Pale Pink Home Decor Ideas

Pale pink home decor isn't strictly feminine or romantic. You can use it for any setting to create a beautiful, vintage and joyful decor.
Pale Pink Home Decor Ideas

Last update: 18 December, 2019

It’s hard to shake off the idea that pink is simply a feminine or romantic color. But in our post today, we want to show you some pale pink home decor ideas that you’ll love for your home regardless of who you live with.

Stereotypes aside, pale pink is actually very versatile, modern and minimalist. The color will fit perfectly in your home decor.

Home decor tips for pale pink

Pale pink home decor is a worldwide trend. Today, the old concepts limiting pink to femininity, sweetness or romance are crumbling away. It’s not just for little girls’ rooms or bachelorette homes anymore.

Pale pink is perfect for modern settings as it matches wonderfully with gray, yellow, blue and green. You can use it to create a quieter, more relaxing setting. Or, create a modern or more traditional one instead.

1. Living room

pale pink living room

Don’t stress over if your partner will think a pink living room is too feminine or not, and don’t feel like you didn’t consider his or her preferences when choosing pink. Pale pink can act as a neutral tone if you know what to pair it with.

Painting a single wall and filling it with minimalist frames might be the perfect decor– especially if you love the color but don’t want to overwhelm your house with it.

Or for our bolder readers, try decorating an entire room with pale pink… Curtains, pillows, blankets, vases, flowers, tablecloths, light fixtures! You have plenty of options at your fingertips.

But make sure that you don’t cross the line. Try to use other colors, like sand, white or brown to keep things balanced.

2. Kitchen

pale pink kitchen

Once again, let go of the idea that pink kitchens are just for the ladies… They actually make great vintage or retro settings. Try painting a wall in this color, or use tiles instead. You can even look for pink home appliances or kitchen accessories.

3. Bedroom

pale pink bedroom

Pale pink isn’t just for little girls’ rooms. You can also use the color for the bedroom you share with your partner. But how? Try using it in detail – the blanket, pillows, curtains, and rugs. Or for an even subtler decor, try a beautiful pink flower vase or picture frames.

But remember to keep it controlled. Even if you love the color pink, remember to keep a balance if you share the room with someone else. You can always pair pink with gray or brown to create a neutral setting!

4. Bathroom

pale pink bathroom

What about a pink bathroom? No, we’re not referring to a Barbie house or something similar. But if you like pale pink, try looking for towels and a rug in that color.

Or consider pale pink tiles where your sink is or even on a wall.

5. Study

pale pink study

If you work from home and have a home office, jump on the chance to fill it with this beautiful color to your heart’s content. You can add pictures, flower vases, shelves, books, light fixtures, curtains and anything else you can find with the color.

6. Exteriors

pale pink exteriors

How about painting your front door or a window pink? You might not believe it, but it can create a beautiful, antique feel.

Pale pink home interiors are becoming a hot trend not only for homes but for high-end hotels as well thanks to the fact that it matches perfectly with gray, brown, white and sand. These colors are favorites to use for tourists as they promote rest.

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