Bachelorette Pads: Ideas for Inspiration

If you recently moved or just aren't sure how to decorate your rooms, we have some ideas to show you for decorating a bachelorette pad.
Bachelorette Pads: Ideas for Inspiration

Last update: 31 January, 2019

Bachelorette apartments for single ladies are spaces that allow you to explore creativity, refine style and, above all, learn how to integrate elements together. Similar to other kinds of spaces, the most important thing these days is to keep a balance between functionality, comfort and, of course, personal taste.

We’d like to mention that decorating a “feminine” space doesn’t mean the decor has to be cheesy. A single woman’s apartment can reflect fine taste, be tidy and delicate without brushing away personal preferences. And no, pink is not obligatory!

Lighting is fundamental

Before looking for bachelorette apartment decor inspiration, you need to remember to consider not just the space available, the number of furniture pieces and objects that you have, but also the lighting.

It might not seem like it, but good lighting can help maximize space. Or it helps create the illusion of more space. In the long run, good lighting will help create more comfortable settings.

A gooseneck clip light can be a great option for saving space while enjoying a good light source for work areas, reading corners or even nightstands. IKEA offers a lovely variety of lamps. If you’re looking for a chic, minimalist lamp, you can try the Jansjö model.

Or, if you want to add a fresh, young ambiance, you can try using some string lights in a corner of your home.

Bachelorette 1

Inspiration for bachelorette pads

  • Your furniture pieces that are designated for rest should be top priority. After all, the ability to rest well is the line that separates feeling comfortable at home or not.
  • Nordic and minimalist styles are a great option for those who are looking for simplicity and spaciousness. They can also serve as a reference for creating a new style that uses minimalist elements with Bohemian hints, just as an example.
Bachelorette 2
  • We recommend using a neutral color palette to make integrating different elements together easier. The more widely-used color combinations include basic colors like white together with pastels or metallic. But what’s the boldest, most sophisticated combo? It might very well be white and gold.
  • Just like office desks, you can use vanity tables (mirrors and stool included) as decor. Some people choose to show off their classic vanity tables to create a delicate yet elegant atmosphere.
  • Small details make a big difference. To give you some ideas, using a nice white plate for jewelry, putting a plant in the corner, hanging up a poster or a photo collage on the wall, keeping a soft throw at the end of the bed…

More ideas for inspiration

1. Ladder

Instead of using a shelving unit or a cabinet, you could opt for a wooden ladder. It wouldn’t just add something original to your setting, but it’d also shrink down your space. That’s one of the huge advantages of upcycling and leaving items in sight.

2. Varied textiles

To decorate a bachelorette space without overwhelming it, you just need to try incorporating different textures. And what works better for texture than textiles? Blankets, decorative pillows, rugs, tablecloths and even scarfs or pashminas that you don’t use anymore can enrich decor subtly, yet effectively.

Bachelorette 3

3. Chests and boxes

As well as recommending using multi-functional furniture for bachelorette pads, we also suggest considering a chest or a box. In addition to being a decorative element, they can also keep things hidden away.

Wicker, bamboo and lightweight material chests are great options. You can also use a crate of pallets or another similar material. It just needs to be able to store items.

First things first, comfort

To sum up, regardless of what kind of bachelorette apartment you have, aiming for personal comfort is a must. To achieve a comfortable setting, your decor strategy needs to balance functionality and personality.

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