Decorative Ladders: The Latest Trend in Decor

Don't know how to decorate with ladders? We'll propose some ideas to give a fresh take on this great home element that you should definitely be using.
Decorative Ladders: The Latest Trend in Decor

Last update: 15 October, 2018

Something that we haven’t stopped seeing recently in interior design are decorative ladders. Yes, you read that right. They have other functionality beside elevating us to reach higher places.

We can actually use these ladders for a variety of things. They have a lot of uses that will undoubtedly give another, more creative touch to the way our house looks and feels. The idea is to go out of the conventional and give new life to the most common objects that we’re used to seeing at home. Creativity before everything!

This element reinforces our home’s personality. It lends warmth to a room. No matter the style of the ladder, whether it’s thinner, thicker, shorter or taller. The task is to take advantage of what they have to offer so that they can gain the prominence that they deserve.

In today’s post, we tell you some of the functions of ladders. We’ll also give you some tips on how to incorporate them into your home for that chic touch that you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn how to show off your ladder! 

The perfect compliment to a bedroom

A ladder for the bedroom? Why not! Just think about it for a minute. They give such a chic, rustic touch to the room that you’ll love them. 

One of our favorite uses for ladders in the bedroom is as a nightstand. Instead of having the conventional auxiliary table, consider incorporating a small ladder. You can decorate it with garlands of light and add that romantic touch to your bedroom. Also, if you like to read at night you can leave the book hanging on one of the shelves. This is a super original, creative idea!

You can also use ladders in your dressing room or closet to hang the clothes that you’re thinking about wearing the next day and want to have on hand. But don’t limit yourself to just using it for clothes! You can use it to store shoes, handbags, handkerchiefs, anything you can think of! In the same way, it’ll help you organize your favorite cosmetics, perfumes, and makeup. Think about turning it into a creative dressing table.

Another use for ladders that we’ve seen a lot is as a headboard behind the bed. You can hang it or lean it on the wall. Without a doubt this is one of the most risky uses. You can use it to place various things such as photos, pictures, and dream catchers. This idea goes very well with the boho style.

As a towel holder in the bathroom

A ladder can be a very functional item to have in a bathroom. Apart from serving as a decorative item, it can function as a towel rack.

We know that the bathroom is a space where the room that you have is very limited, so every inch counts. Think about incorporating a wooden ladder. It brings a rustic and original touch to the room. Best of all it won’t take up hardly any floor space. You can leave it leaning against the wall and hang your towels there to dry after you take a shower.

ladder bathroom

If you have a really small bathroom and want to get even more out of your space, you can think about placing baskets to store your things such as as combs, cotton pads, and facial products.

It will be easy for you to place these things on a step ladder. If not, you can buy some small hooks and place them on each rung of the ladder. This is a useful and effective idea to get even more use out of it.

A hallway is perfect for a decorative ladder

We often see a decorative ladder in the entrance to a house. It has multiple uses in this location. You can use it  as a coat rack  to hang your jackets, scarves, or hats. 

decorative stairs

If we use a basket it can also serve as a storage space to place our keys, cables, or letters. This is without a doubt a very practical and useful option for someone just walking in the door. However, if you’re interested in a more minimal style for your home and don’t want to fill it with too much clutter, you can put LED lights on your ladder. Sometimes less is more.

Ideal for your work area

The decorative ladder is very useful as an organizer in these spaces. In this case, the best option is to incorporate one with wide steps. In this way, we can place whatever we want on them. Photos, documents, baskets, portfolios, and even some decorative elements.

ladder in office

If you’re someone who works from home, this is a very effective idea. You can store and decorate at the same time. You can even place the ladder horizontally and nail it to the wall as it if were a bookcase. Here is where your imagination and originality can come into play.

As we see, we can give a completely different air to our office without breaking the bank. 

Give a chic touch to your garden with ladders

Finally, another corner that we love to place decorative ladders is on the terrace or balcony of your home. You can hang it from the wall, use several to form a shelf, place it horizontally, etc.

One of the ideas that we like the most is sitting a ladder against a wall. It gives a more casual and informal style to the outside of your home and you can use it to hold a towel while you sit and sunbathe outside.

decorative stairs in garden

We can also place plant vines on it and form our own vertical garden. This will easily become a very romantic corner of your home. Think about all the possibilities! There are so many.

All of these ideas include decorative ladders  in your rooms, which will give a completely different air to your home. You’ll love the results!