Modern White Kitchens

In our post today, check out three kinds of modern white kitchens. Which one will you fall for?
Modern White Kitchens

Last update: 15 November, 2019

White kitchens never fall out of style because they match any and every setting, look bigger and create a feeling of energy and life.

So naturally, white kitchens are a trend today. In our post, we have three modern white kitchen ideas to inspire you.

1. Minimalist white kitchen

minimalist white kitchen

Our first modern white kitchen example has a minimalist design. Minimalist decor is very special and won’t go unnoticed.

The main element in this kitchen is right in the center. It’s a kitchen island equipped with an electric stovetop, oven, and hood. The island follows the surrounding decor as it’s white and features straight lines and simple design.

As for the lighting, this kitchen only has a pair of spotlights on the ceiling in between the island and the back wall. Thanks to the big window on the side of the kitchen, plenty of natural light can flood in, reducing the need for other light fixtures.

2. Scandinavian white kitchen

Scandinavian white kitchen

Our second idea for modern white kitchens is totally different from the minimalist decor. This time, we’re looking at a Scandinavian kitchen that’s perfect for large families. We love this kitchen because it’s practical and has plenty of storage space as well as a sharp design.

There’s no question about it; the sliding doors that separate the kitchen from the living room set this kitchen apart from the rest. They’re also the reason why we love this kitchen so much.

In previous posts, we’ve talked about the possibility of connecting the kitchen and living room and the possible downsides such as smells. But this kitchen is a perfect example of not having to settle for second best because it has it all.

Inside the kitchen, the white furniture matches perfectly with the light wood on the countertops and bar. On top of that, other elements come into play, such as glass on the cabinet doors or ceramic light fixtures. The resulting space is warm, cozy and above all, very functional.

3. Industrial kitchen in white tones

industrial kitchen white

We have a bold industrial kitchen as our third example to prove that modern white kitchens can fit any decor style. We tend to associate industrial or underground style with cold materials and dark colors. But as you can see above, it doesn’t always have to be the case because white tones match perfectly here as well.

This industrial kitchen has plain decor with equally simple lines. To add an industrial feel, it uses a combination of natural wood and metal. In addition, the chalkboard on the back wall adds the perfect detail and is very useful; it’s perfect for jotting down the grocery list.

The most original aspect of this kitchen is the lighting and the spotlight on the right-hand side. This kitchen won’t have any lighting problems. Lastly, the plastic and metal chairs add a casual touch that fits the setting well.

Three white kitchens in three very different decor settings. Just as you’ve seen with us today, modern white kitchens are definitely something to consider. They’re beautiful and adapt to any home decor style.

If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, don’t think twice about it – try a modern white style to transform your home.