Decorate Glass Jars and Put Them to Good Use!

Glass jars are one of the most common elements in our homes, partly because of how much food comes in them.
Decorate Glass Jars and Put Them to Good Use!

Last update: 03 July, 2019

If you like to decorate your home and want to give your glass jars a second life, then read this article for inspiration on how you can do just that!

We guarantee that if you’ve always been one to toss out your jars, you’re going to start saving them after you read this article. You won’t believe all the different ways you can use them.

Glass jars as decoration and practical accessories


If you thought glass jars were a kitchen item only, then you should keep reading. You’ll be amazed at all the different ways you can use them in a bedroom. 

A pencil and pen holder

A glass jar containing colored pencils.

Are you tired of the pattern on the jars you use to keep all your pens and pencils in one place? Do you want your child to have some fun, personalized things in their room? Well, why not decorate your glass jars? You’ll be killing two birds with one stone!

You can use acrylic paint and a permanent marker to draw on the face of their favorite characters. To make it even more fun, you can stick on some stickers with moving eyes.

If you’d rather not do any drawing, you can also use a fabric with a nice pattern and glue it on the inside of the jar.


Have you ever heard of a fairy jar? Well, it’s super easy to make your own with a glass jar and your favorite candles. All you need for it is glue, glitter, and the fairy you want to display printed out on a piece of paper.

Or, if you don’t love the fairy idea, you can also use a sticker with a quote you like. From there, you can decorate the mouth of the glass jars with colorful fabric.


Glass jars can have lots of different uses in a bathroom. Here are just a few.

As beauty product holders

Glass jars as beauty product holders.

Beauty products are often things you have all over different parts of the house, like your bedroom and bathroom. By putting them all in the same jar, you’ll be able to keep all your brushes and products together. You can even have a jar filled with cotton balls to use as make-up remover.

As far as decorating the glass jars goes, you can just use paper. Start by covering the entire jar with a blank sheet, then give it a fun design with a sheet of paper in another color.

You can put anything from stars, hearts, stripes, or moons onto your jars. Whatever design you like best will work! It’s even better if you keep in mind your bathroom’s color scheme so that you can try to make the decorations match. 

Toothbrush holders

Paper figurines next to a toothbrush holder.

One absolutely perfect use of a glass jar is as a bathroom toothbrush holder. To decorate you can use acrylic paint again or try spray paint, which is a bit easier to use. But if you do that, you should be careful about the borders and color changes.

Glass jars as spice holders in your kitchen

Glass jars not used so much to decorate, but as spice holders.

This probably isn’t new information, but glass jars are a great resource in the kitchen. You can use them to hold your spices and other ingredients in a sealed container. You can also personalize them to make sure you don’t use salt instead of sugar, and it’ll mean having a pretty, decorative form of organization

Because you’ll be using these glass jars a lot and they might get dirty, you should decorate them simply. You can start by using nail polish, or acrylic paint, to write the name of the ingredient. From there, you just decorate it with a ribbon the same color as the polish, tied around the mouth of the jar.

In the living room, as a plant holder

Glass jars containing plants.

Another great way to reuse your glass jars is as plant holders. Because they’re going to be in contact with soil and water, you shouldn’t decorate them too much. But you can still use small decorations like leaves or little plastic figurines. They’re just small touches to make the jars stand out a little bit more.