2019 Bathroom Decor Trends

Every year brings forth new interior design trends, even for bathrooms. You'll love how many materials you can use for your bathroom!
2019 Bathroom Decor Trends

Last update: 15 March, 2019

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom to follow hot trends, or if you just simply want to know what 2019’s bathroom decor trends are, keep reading!

minimalist 1

In 2019, the trends for bathrooms are following the tracks that started some years ago: the minimalist trendThe minimalist trend values space more than the furniture and objects that decorate it.

We’re not saying to leave your bathroom bare. But only incorporate pieces that are absolutely necessary for your everyday and keep them simple.

Use the same colors and tones. The minimalist trend aims for simplicity; that means no flamboyant furniture. In minimalism, we also need to seek a natural order, or in other words, avoid unnecessary things.

Go for light colors

light colors 2

Light colors make settings look brighter and more spacious; that’s precisely why white is still a popular color year after year for bathrooms. But this year, we’re seeing more color combinations: a white and black decor will increase luminosity and visual space while creating a peaceful, relaxing ambiance at the same time.

Another 2019 bathroom trend are pastel colors. While these colors aren’t widely used for bases, they can be great complements.

Coral is the most popular color for bathrooms. You can use it in your bathroom accessories and objects: towels, baskets, soap dishes… the combination of coral and gray is really trending this year.

We’ve already talked about using black with white, but now, let’s just look at black. Black is becoming popular in bathroom decor. For example, we’re seeing  black faucets, tile adhesive or counters.


wood 3

A few years ago, wood was an unthinkable material for bathrooms. But these days, it couldn’t be more popular. Wood can work in any part of your bathroom. Floors, walls and even modern style counters can be wood.

Wood can keep your bathroom warm while creating a cozy, natural atmosphere. You can create an even more relaxing setting by using wood for other bathroom objects like mirrors, stools or towel racks.

Oval mirrors and claw-foot tubs

bathroom trends 4

Mirrors, though they might seem like just another accessory, play an important role in bathrooms. That means that they also change with the times and in 2019, oval mirrors are in. And if you can find a big oval shaped mirror, that’s even better. Feel free to browse mirror frames to find the best one for your bathroom.

Earlier on in our post, we mentioned wood and the color black; they’re perfect for mirror frames. As for bathtubs, they’ve been falling out of favor because they take up more space than showers.

This year, however, they’re back in style. But we’re not referring to just any kind of bathtub; we’re talking about claw-foot tubs. Claw-foot tubs, oval mirrors and wood counters will be all over Instagram accounts that follow decor trends.

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