Light Colors: Why Are Light Colors Always Fashionable?

Light colors are popular in many homes. They transmit bring us well-being and comfort.
Light Colors: Why Are Light Colors Always Fashionable?

Last update: 14 January, 2019

The colors in your home speak directly of your personality. However, in many cases, there is a tendency to use lighter shades, rather than dark ones. So why are light colors always so popular?

First, to delve into this, you can look at several factors. Through analyzing them, we can see that our taste for some colors over others has to do with the effect they have on our moods.

We spend many hours a day in our homes. Therefore, what happens if you’re not comfortable at home? In the long run, you can get tired and disenchanted with the aesthetics. Next, we’ll address some factors that explain the importance of using light colors in the home.

Colors and emotions

First, you need to consider what you feel when you’re comfortable with the color and atmosphere of a room. The type of color also plays a very important role.

When light colors are used, our visual perception captures the sensations of enthusiasm, joy, and energy. These feelings are associated with well-being and happiness.

So what colors encourage positive emotions?

  • White
  • Orange
  • Pistachio green
  • Salmon
  • Light grey

The implications of light

Light colors help more light come into the room. Light-colored walls help rebound light and complement natural and artificial light.

In addition, furniture in light colors visually appears more enhanced and distinguished.

For example, a sofa in tones like white or light ochre allows for the form to be well-defined. You can also use darker cushions to emphasize the aesthetic and create a complementarily color scheme.

On the other hand, for furniture such as tables or dresses, they become more prominent when they are lighter colored. This is because the silhouette becomes more impactful and attracts the eye.

-Colors are the primordial ideas, the children of light.-

Johannes Itten

Light colors create certain feelings.

Differentiation between light colors and dark colors

Typically, dark colors usually don’t help lighten environments. Nor do they offer a definition of shapes. On the other hand, light colors do have these qualities.

A dark color can have a character of its own if it has a light color to create contrast. Therefore, decorating with darker colors can help establish differentiation of colors. However, if a space is entirely filled with dark colors, people can feel:

  • Sadness
  • Restless
  • Gloomy
  • Low energy

On the one hand, light and light colors are associated with joy, liveliness, energy, enthusiasm, etc. On the other hand, dark ones are more serious, quiet, and gloomy, etc.

-Decorate with light colors and you’ll make your home a living space full of joy.-

The meaning of each color

In the world of art, people consider each color to have meaning. Consequently, a color can show what feeling you want to convey. Therefore, you can express different feelings with light colors. Each one had fundamental differences from others:

  • White: purity, cleanliness, heavenly, divine, calm, innocence
  • Orange: enthusiasm, joy, freshness, summery, intensity
  • Salmon: warmth, calm, security
  • Baby or light blue: calm, spirituality, rest
  • Light green: freshness, nature, tranquility, restlessness, hope
  • Light gray: elegance, neutrality, complementary, tranquility

The popularity of light colors

Throughout history, different colors have been used for interior decoration. On the one hand, there are daring people who decide to put a different color in each room. On the other hand, others prefer monochrome.

However, white has always been a significant presence in homes. Why? Mainly because it favors light, denotes purity, and combines well with other decoration.

However, newer homes usually have the option of choosing various shades for the walls. Nowadays, salmon, orange, green, and light blue are prominent.

Decorate using light colors and fill your home with liveliness, joy, and strength. This way your home will shine. Also, you’ll feel good because of the sensations created by the colors.

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