Updating Classic Decor with Modern Elements

Are you thinking of combining classic furniture in a modern setting? Here are a few ideas to get the best result.
Updating Classic Decor with Modern Elements

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Today, you can see furniture and other classic decor elements in many homes. These are associated with a vintage aesthetic, but it’s interesting to combine old elements with modern ones. In this article, you’ll see how classic decor can be modernized.

You need to establish a style that matches the general look of each space. Try to combine your resources, with color schemes and formal settings.

Harmony and scale are two important factors. Create a dialogue and coordination between the elements, and keep the classic style. The challenge lies in adding that modern touch.

Classic decor with white.

Spaces with a lot of white

White is a great color for a classic style. It can be used in the furniture or on the walls. Contrast this with a few touches of neutral colors.

Grey is a good tone to match with white because it complements it perfectly. In the same line, off white or light beige are good to work with, but with minimal presence, as in the fireplace, on a wall frame, a carpet, etc.

If you want to add a warm color, avoid strong and intense shades. Try using salmon or coral, in small doses. Don’t forget that the color white is key.

The color white has a lot to offer in a classic decor.

Grey tones in white classic decor.

Matching furniture to renovate classic decor

If you want to give your space a modern look using classic furniture, this may be a little harder, but it’s doable. Try this:

  • Classic decor should be focused on elements like chairs. Classic decor chairs have frames and curves, they can be made of wood and white fabric.
  • On the other hand, you can use a more conventional sofa with straight lines. Do the same with your coffee table, which can be a geometrical shape, like a circle or a rectangle.
  • The carpet should be a plain color, preferably in a light shade. Avoid patterns or prints, or you’ll overcrowd the space.

Combine round shapes with straight lines.

An alternative to classic lightning

Spaces with classic decor often have large chandeliers for lighting. In modern decor, lighting has a secondary role.

Built-in lights are good to use. The light won’t fill the entire space, but can be set to specific parts of the room. Also, they direct the light to the sides of the room, creating a more alternative environment.

Likewise, natural light is also necessary. Having wide windows to let the light in will make your home look more elegant, especially if you’re using white.

Decorative mirror in modern decor.

Other elements to use for a modern classic decor

Mirrors are endemic of classic decor.  Again, don’t overcrowd the space and use golden or silver tones. You need to keep it simple and project the classic essence of a mirror.

Another great idea for modern classic decor is pictorial pictures. You can use abstract paintings or another style, like photographs in black and white.

In short, any element that can unify classic and modern decor will fit great in any home.

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