4 Decor Ideas for Your Coffee Table

January 7, 2020
The right coffee table decor is a must for any living room. It can create a unique setting.

Your coffee table is one of the most fun elements to decorate. But creating a harmonious decor isn’t as easy as it seems. There are hundreds of possible combinations that can work for any table.

The good thing about coffee table decor is that you can change it frequently as the accessories aren’t usually too expensive.

1. Choose seasonal decor

coffee table seasonal decor

In addition to serving as an excuse to change your decor, a fun idea is changing things to fit the current season of the year.

  • If it’s summer, try seashells, small beach rocks or colored sand in a nice bottle.
  • Flowers are the main element for spring decor and you have thousands of options.
  • For autumn, there’s nothing better than colorful fallen leaves to decorate your table.
  • Winter always means Christmas decor.

2. Use a box and a tray

coffee table box tray

Boxes and trays might seem simple but they can do a lot for your table decor. First, boxes can be great for holding the objects you usually keep on the table that you don’t want to keep out in the open. A classic example? Remote controls.

Look for a box in your choice of color, material, and shape. Or, find a solid-colored, basic box and decorate it to match perfectly with your living room. Next, use a tray to help clean off your coffee table quickly. It could come in handy when you need to remove the decor for whatever reason.

You can also use the tray to hold more objects to unify the decor.

3. Books and plants for decor

plant decor

Stacking books on your coffee table can be a simple yet practical form of decor. You can use the books you want to read or keep your favorite ones always within reach.

Decorating with books adds a little personality, culture, and style to home decor. If your table has the space for plants as well, try one alongside the books.

You can plan your books and flowers in a way that their colors match their surrounding decor. Or, another idea is to change the plant according to the season.

4. The kind of coffee table you have matters

table kind

Similar to the decoration you choose to use on it, the kind of coffee table you have plays an important role. Bigger tables can hold more decor elements of different sizes. If you want to use big objects, use them in the lower part of your table while reserving the smaller objects for the upper part.

If your table has a mirror tabletop, it’ll reflect your decor. That means colors will be an even more important factor as they’ll be more noticeable.

Chests make one of the most original coffee table alternatives. They’ll give you the advantage of extra storage space for items you don’t use frequently.

You can find all kinds of coffee tables with your idea material, size and characteristics: round, square, rectangular, high, low, legs, floating… Choose the option that suits your preferences and style as well as the surrounding decor.