Furniture that Has Storage Space

A lack of space is one of the problems that plague modern homes. You can’t find a place to keep everything you have.
Furniture that Has Storage Space

Last update: 17 April, 2019

Space always seems to disappear. Today we want to give you a number of solutions so that you can keep your home in order. You can do this using storage furniture. This often has a dual role as well as being decorative.

The best storage furniture

Some furniture has a surprising amount of hidden space. With the tips and tricks, we’re going to show you, your home will grow and your life will become organized.

1. Bed


This is one of the storage furniture solutions that we like the most. It has a lot of extra space to be able to store… Stop! Not just anything. Feng Shui experts tell us that we need to pay attention to what we put underneath beds. You should especially avoid things that remind you of bad memories, sharp things, or exercise equipment.

The best thing is to put your sleepwear or clothes for other seasons under the bed.

2. Bench


These are especially useful, attractive, and easy to use. With a bench, you’ll have extra room to seat your guests. At the same time, you can fill the inside with photo albums, linen, or anything else you need to store. This is a piece of storage furniture you’ll love.

3. Trunk


These are gorgeous as decorative objects. But why should you limit their use? Keep a few bottles of wine inside it and use it as an extra table. You can even put it in your bedroom as a night table and keep your bed linen in it.

4. Custom furniture

custom furniture

If you are looking for furniture with storage, custom built is the perfect solution for your space problems. You can design it based on your needs.

For instance, you can make a wall to wall bookshelf and put your books on it. You can leave a part as a wine bar and you can add doors to another part of it to make cabinets.

5. Drawers under your bed


Another alternative is high beds you can put drawers under. These are great. You can fill them up with clothes and it’s a system that’s very easy to access. You’ll be able to use it for your day-to-day objects. If you have children, you can put their toys here.

6. Double-use camouflage

radiator cover for space


Radiator covers are great and the top can be used as a shelf. Here you can display ornaments and photos.

7. Chair with storage space

L sofa

These are very stylish and practical. Just like sleeper sofas, there are foldable sofas with storage space.

Other ideas for adding space

room baskets for space

Besides furniture with storage, you can use some tricks to organize and add space to your home. Forget about useless decorations. Keep ideas that work as accessories that solve your storage and decoration needs at the same time.

  1. Use your walls Put rails up in the kitchen for the utensils you use the most. Hang shelves in the living or bedrooms. Shelves also look great in the kitchen with dishes on them.
  2. Keep organized with style You can use glass jars to keep your DIY project materials in, create a rack with hooks, or use small wooden pallets to organize your children’s toys. Use your creativity.
  3. Hampers and boxes These are pretty, decorative, and have storage space. When well thought out, they can give you the solution you need. You can store all kinds of things in these, from TV remotes to blankets and cushions.

We know how hard it can be to find a place for everything. But, with these furniture ideas that have storage space, and other accessories, it will be much easier than you think.

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