5 Tray Tables You'll Love

It's always good to have comfort within your reach in the home. That's why you should consider using a tray table that is simple, useful and functional.
5 Tray Tables You'll Love

Last update: 09 January, 2019

In the living room, the patio or even in your bedroom, you could probably do with a functional table for different uses. That’s why in this article we will show you a selection of 5 tray tables you’ll love.

We use a table daily. It is possibly one of the most used items of furniture in the whole house since it’s for eating, displaying objects and as a decor item.

You might be accustomed to seeing tables in the home of considerable dimensions, such as for example a long coffee table in front of the sofa or the dining table.

However, there is another option available. This is to use tray tables, – a small side table with a tray. These are a smaller version of a table and can be extremely useful.

Let’s see a series of examples of tray tables that could give you some great ideas for the decor of your house, using the best items.

Fold up Xtray table

Side tables don’t have to be particularly striking or extravagant. You should take into account the concept that functionality should be foremost.

This model made of timber is simple, useful and won’t disrupt the decor of any room. It’s very easy to combine with any decor style.

Folding tray tables are a practical and beautiful option for the home

Timber goes very well with the following decor styles:

  • Rural
  • Alternative
  • Country
  • Bohemian

The Xtray table has two folding legs in an x shape, and a tray on top with two horizontal holes for handles, one at either end. It doesn’t have any decoration or embellishment; the surface is sanded flat and simple.

This table will go with most decor. It also has a very functional design, making things easier.

Tray tables: Gladom table

If what you’re looking for is an original design that’s useful and simple, the Gladom table from IKEA could be a perfect fit.

Its tray is circular, it’s easy to move or transport, and is supported by four thin legs. It doesn’t have handles, so when you want to move it you can just pick it up.

The Gladom table is an elegant and classic choice among the options for tray tables for the home

It could fit in perfectly with any style, when you choose the color correctly. However, it may be still more harmonious with some modern styles, in particular:

  • Minimalist
  • Contemporaneous
  • Industrial
  • Urban style

At the same time, it has a very attractive quality: the price. It’s inexpensive and will carry out the same functions as other tray tables, and will not clash with the existing decor in your home.

A table should be practical, useful and movable.

Tray table with a metal tray

If you have a contemporary style, alternative theme or industrial decor in your home, or if you need a table for your workspace, this model could be what you’re looking for.

It’s made of metal, which can come in various tones.

Metal tray tables are very practical and long lasting

On the top part, it has a tray with two horizontal handles for transportation and comfort when you want to move it.

The design is functional. It doesn’t have any type of either drawing or pattern. It’s simply a smooth surface. What really matters is its practicality.

Becara table: elegance and style

What if you want to add to your home the kind of furniture with greater elegance and a really original, innovative and personal design? The Becara table can offer you what you need.

The Becara table would be an excellent choice in tray tables for a modern decor

It has a trapezium design, with a wide tray that’s easy to manage. However, it doesn’t have handles.

Its design is very elegant and is extremely well made. The finish is of brushed metal and is of a dark tone. Therefore, it’s recommended for the following decor styles:

  • Classic
  • Alternative
  • Relaxed and informal
  • In rooms with a darker color palette

The only inconvenience is the price, which is quite expensive. But it really is worth it, since it’s made from first class materials.

Side table for the kitchen

On the other side of the coin, you also have the option of having extra or side tables for the kitchen. In these cases, elegance or an original design can become somewhat secondary as long as the table is useful.

Tray tables for the kitchen are very useful for extra storage and bench space

This type of model has four legs with wheels, a tray made of plastic or glass, and some drawers. Without a doubt, it would be a very suitable item for the kitchen or for areas where you work.

What benefits would this kind of table bring you?

  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to move around
  • Simplicity in its design and appearance
  • Useful due to the extra storage space


Take into account the space you have available in the room where you want to locate your tray tables before you buy. They will certainly be useful and add comfort to your home. Don’t forget what their purpose is; obviously, as a secondary, practical item of furniture that should go well with the rest of your decor.


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