Christmas Decor for Style Lovers

Christmas decor also follows trends and it's time to try them out. Today we'll tell you how.
Christmas Decor for Style Lovers

Last update: 26 November, 2019

The era when Christmas decor was red and green with multicolored lights and ornaments full of glitter and felt adornments is passé. Many of us don’t want these sorts of adornments in our homes (quite understandable). But what would you think if we told you that there’s a modern alternative? One that’ll meet your sense of style. On top of it all, it’s currently in fashion.

You hate red and green and yet you’d still like to have some Christmas decor around your house? We tend to think that Christmas ornaments are a one-time acquisition and that they’re not to be renewed. However, there are different trends and it’s a good idea to add some fresh ideas to our homes. Mainly, so every year isn’t the same.

So, definitely embrace the smell of roasted chestnuts, the cold temperatures, the gingerbread cookies, and the turkey. You can do so in a minimalist style, where there’s no tinsel on the tree. Go for a completely different Christmas look for this year.

The latest on Christmas decor

A nod to the natural

You can use natural plants and branches to embellish your table. Also, a simple wreath at the entrance of your house. You can use eucalyptus, olive or spruce twigs to create beautiful ornaments that will also have a lovely fresh smell.

Don’t limit the use of natural elements – integrate them into every room of your house. For instance, they’re great in the hall and also in the kitchen – a garland is perfect for this.

Paper or cloth

A reindeer garland.

Before we move away from the natural elements, remember that you can also use paper and cloth ornaments for your Christmas decor. For example, you can hang star-shaped lamps, minimalistic garlands, and even origami figures in every corner of your house. Use white or beige paper or cloth, and stay away from bright colors.

Hygge love

A cozy corner by the window.

The Hygge trend has also made it into Christmas. This is because there’s nothing more wintery than white. Well, besides synthetic furs and dark-colored throws on armchairs.

Take things even further and add wooden elements and baskets made of natural fibers to make your rooms even cozier.

Glass elements

Candles for Christmas decor.

Glass is a delicate material that reminds us of ice and snow and it’s prominent this year. You can make votives with glass jars – just put a small candle inside each of them. Use them as candlesticks to embellish your dinner table. Also,  you could hang glass figurines on the Christmas tree.  (Keep in mind that this might be a bad idea if you have little children.)

Mary had a little lamb …

Felted wool ornaments are also in this year. There are figures shaped like Christmas trees, reindeer, Christmas sweaters… In fact, if you have some time on your hands make a garland using soft and colorful felted wool balls.

Don’t miss the lights

A woman holding an unusual lamp.

Lights are paramount in Christmas decor. You can do it without the traditional colored lights. Opt for white lights instead and place them around your windows or your paintings. Or, highlight the furniture in your hall. Everything goes as long as you keep them all white.

Yes, you can use neutral colors in your Christmas decor

Christmas balls hanging from a branch.

As for your Christmas decor color palette, stick to whites, beiges, grays, and silver. If you want to add a dash of color then opt for green – there are subtle tones such as moss and olive.

The no-nos of Christmas decor

Here’s a list of everything you should banish from your decor this year.

  • Traditional ornaments. The Christmas concept this year is about minimalism. The new elements are branches, cacti, stairs, books, and drawings on your wall instead of Christmas trees. While the typical outdoor figures should either be minimal or non-existent.
  • Glitter. Gold, together with glitter and metallic colors are more associated with a county fair than with Christmas home decor.
  • When all else fails, keep in mind that simplicity is all the rage.
  • Recharge environments in general. We’ve already mentioned this several times – seek minimalism in its purest form. So, say no to trees full of tinsel, colorful balls, and reindeer. Stay away from overcrowded tables and excess of color. Also, avoid large and complicated shapes.

Follow this advice and you’ll be the most stylish host on your street. You can rest assured that everyone will love it.

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