Bursts of Freshness with Eucalyptus

Using eucalyptus and other plants for home decor is always in season, so they should always decorate your home. In some seasons though, they really enjoyed even more popularity like in 2016.
Bursts of Freshness with Eucalyptus

Last update: 02 December, 2018

Eucalyptus hails from Australia. It’s a perennial tree that grows quickly and is known for its pleasant, refreshing aroma.

Its leaves create an essential oil that’s common in aromatherapy. People use it in many diverse remedies for respiratory problems.

Because this is a plant used in herbal remedies, people have found many different ways to take advantage of its qualities. In the decor world, people use the branches to create long-lasting arrangements that might also include other branches or flowers.

Below, we’ll show you some of the hottest decor ideas for this plant. There’s something for everyone and the best part is that you can mix and match or adapt these ideas as well.

Decorating your home with eucalyptus

The most popular variety of eucalyptus for decor is Eucalyptus Gunnii. Younger trees are a silvery color but as they grow, they change into a grayish blue. You can find both colors in garden or decoration stores.

1. In containers

The first way that you can use to decorate with eucalyptus calls for a jar, flower vase or any other kind of decorative container. It’s a simple but incredibly versatile idea, which you can use in various areas throughout your home: the entrance way, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

Whether you’re using a clear container or not, your arrangement will look marvelous. It’s also a pretty low-maintenance plant. You just need to spray the plant with water every 3 days.

To create an impact, branches used to decorate are usually at least 55 cm. long.

2. Mirrors

An original decor idea that uses eucalyptus branches is arranging them on a frame or, as shown above, around a mirror. Because the leaves are silvery blue or grayish green, they look absolutely lovely on golden or wooden frames.

3. Wreaths and garlands

Eucalyptus wreaths and garlands can decorate walls, doors or windows. They’re often used in areas for their aroma, such as a bathroom or on a wall above a nightstand, next to a bed.

You might also find (or make it yourself at home) the typical eucalyptus wreath used often in home decor. Another option is using eucalyptus to wrap around wooden rods, or simply just hanging it with some fishing line for a floating effect.

As for how much eucalyptus you use in your decor, that’s up to you. Some people prefer to use less while others go for a leafier, more visible decor.

4. Baskets and hampers

Instead of hanging your eucalyptus in ceramic, clay or glass containers, you could also opt for baskets or hampers which you can put on the floor. Arranging your plants in these baskets and hampers can create a much more natural, serene environment.

Baskets and hampers usually come in brown tones, allowing the color of the eucalyptus to stand out. The result is a beautiful arrangement that will turn heads.

Eucalyptus baskets

Going beyond aroma

In addition to the ideas above, there are even more options that can also bring fresh air into your home. You can use watercolor paintings of plants, like eucalyptus and its many varieties.

This is an idea that follows the minimalist trend, which creates a sensation of freshness for any setting. Its simple design and format is what decorates and livens up a room without overwhelming it. It does so very subtly.

Watercolor paintings are usually painted on a small area with a monochrome (usually white) background and other details. They’re often neat, centered paintings (on canvas, paper, poster-board, etc.). While sizes may vary, the most common are A4.

There are endless DIY craft possibilities that use eucalyptus branches. If you love this decor element don’t think twice about browsing more ideas before getting to work.

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