Natural Fiber Decor

We're crazy about natural fiber decor. It fits with the industrial or Nordic style, helping build the perfect setting. Do you know how to use natural fiber elements in your decor?
Natural Fiber Decor

Last update: 08 March, 2019

One of the biggest decor trends this year is natural fiber decor. We’ve seen it on showcase products at big expos and now, in everyday products. Baskets, furniture, rugs, curtains, decorative accessories… There are lots of ways to give your home that snug setting you’re looking for.

The quest for more natural, eco-friendly and healthy materials has become one of the most important considerations for home decor. It’s not just about making our homes beautiful or practical anymore; now, we need to be as eco-friendly as possible.

We can find a lot of interesting ideas that are both exotic and simple just by looking at social media trends or current projects of our favorite companies. Natural fiber decor creates super fresh settings that also add that warmth a home needs. The result is a super cozy ambiance.

Why you should love natural fiber decor

natural fiber 1

1. Not just for summer

At first, everyone thinks that natural fibers are summer materials. But combined with the right fabrics, you can do miracles. Snug plaids, mohair pillows, something furry and… perfection! Your home will be full of warmth.

2. They fit in any style

Regardless of whether your home rocks a Bohemian style or an industrial one, natural fibers will fit into any setting. They can provide contrast and balance in the decor style of your choice.

3. Long live the artisan tradition!

These days, artisan crafts can be manufactured but you can always turn to traditional, handcraft options. At the end of the day, a truly artisan piece will be original and add something special to your home. Not to mention, they’re also an opportunity to support someone’s work.

4. A house that inspires

Like we mentioned before, natural fiber decor is closely related to our planet and the quest for organic spaces, happy homes, and settings that evoke peace. The Slow Philosophy is also making its mark on home decor and reminds us of the importance of minimalist settings, conscious consuming and being more connected.

Ideas for natural fiber decor


natural fiber 2

Natural fibers are perfect for letting light pass through big windows. Their texture creates a very warm setting. You’ll love how the sunlight filters through a little. Tie it all together with a basket of the same material for dirty laundry!

Plant pots

natural fiber 3

Baskets in any color, shape or size are wonderful as plant pots. We recommend fitting an already potted plant into the basket to keep them from wearing out.


natural fiber 4

You can find other gorgeous designs that, by themselves, are fully capable of adorning a space. Keep an eye on tribal designs; they’re going to be hot this year.


natural fiber 5

Cover your floors with a large jute, sisal or hemp rug. Besides looking great in any room, these materials are also great for people with lots of allergies.

Unique pieces

natural fiber 6

Create fun, different spaces that are bursting with personalityA swing or egg chair in the corner by the window can become a place to escape and read, enjoy the sun or take time to reflect.

Furniture and more

natural fiber 7

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a rattan armchair with mudcloth pillows? And that’s not all, in Maison & Objet, this year we’re seeing how hung natural fiber plates can become the decor of dreams.


natural fiber 8

The look is solid and classic. Small baskets to tidy up the bathroom, bedroom or any room. They’re practical and cute.

Fill your home with natural fiber decor details. You’ll love easily you can create cozy atmospheres with them.