How to Decorate Your Living Room in a Rock Music Style

If you love rock and want your living room to be an alternative space, just follow the same rules as the music!
How to Decorate Your Living Room in a Rock Music Style

Last update: 02 March, 2019

Do you love rock, and want your living room to feel original and reflect your personality? Well, have you ever thought about decorating your living room in the style of rock musicTake your favorite genre and apply it to your home decor scheme!

This is, of course, a room where you spend a lot of time, and where you have guests over. So, you need to take great care when you’re decorating it.

If you decide to go for this decor scheme, you need to remember that you’re going to be showing off your personality and taste. It will be obvious that you love rock music, so you should only do this with your living room if you really are passionate about the genre.

Decorate your living room in a rock music style

The main decorations

Naturally, the main elements of your decoration should link with music and rock’n’roll. Here are some of the best objects and accessories to put in your rock music living room:

  • An electric guitar: the main instrument  we think of when we think of rock. You can display it in many different ways. It will give off a chilled, dynamic, original vibe and show people your personality.
  • Vinyl decals: you can put them up on different parts of the wall, and they come in lots of different designs. For example, there are some that say “rock” or the name of a band. Some also have pictures of musical notes, staves, guitars, etc…
  • Prints: things like pictures of singers, bands, urban landscapes, musical notes, guitars, skulls, etc…There are all kinds of themes here.
  • Neon lights: urban style lighting will give your living room an on-the-street feel, like being in a bar at night.
  • Records: this is an absolutely vital decor element. It’s one of the main things that shows your interest in old school music. 

I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend.”

-Freddie Mercury-

vinyl records as lightbulb holders

Living room furniture for a rock music style

You might be wondering what the best kind of furniture is for a rock music living room. For one thing, you don’t need too much furniture in the first place. 

  • Couch: leather gives the feeling of motorcycles and rock lovers. Black or dark brown are both great options, but other dark colors can work too, even dark red. A Chesterfield sofa would be perfect here.
  • Tables and chairs: you can have these in the same color as the couch. Wood and metal are both great options and give off a classic, extroverted vibe.
  • Shelves: it’s best for these not to be so obvious. They are an enhancement because the other decor elements should stand out more.
  • Piano: whether or not you play one, it’s a great piece of furniture and decoration.
  • Lamps: floor lamps and hanging lamps are both great. Metal is a great option, with a cylindrical or conical shade. Again, you want your lamps to complement, but not attract all the attention.


Your walls should also be a secondary part of the decor, not the main attraction. In other words, you want the color of your walls to complement your overall decor and create a sense of harmony.

So, when you’re picking out a color, make sure you think about your furniture style and color too. Having a tension between the elements in your space is never good. 

Rock music should make for a calm, roomy space.

If your furniture is dark, you want your walls to be a light color, like off-white or light beige. If your furniture is red or reddish, pure white and pistachio green are also great options.

brick wall

We also like the idea of installing a bare brick wall or putting up wallpaper using this look. It gives you that on-the-street feeling and makes the room feel innovative, alternative, calm, and modern.

The alternative, rock aesthetic

On top of all the decorations and furniture we’ve talked about, you also have to remember that your decor scheme needs to be in dialogue, and have an overarching rock aesthetic.

  • Furniture placement: you don’t want too many things–this is all about simplicity. You absolutely have to leave space to move around in.
  • Simplicity: at the risk of sounding like a broken record, you need to keep your accessories simple too. Don’t put in a ton of things–you want the space to have a clear message and aesthetic.
  • Light: the best kind of light here is warm, soft, and indirect. It should create a calm, relaxed feeling like being in a bar at night. This means no direct, white light–it’s too cold.

The rock aesthetic will give your house an alternative, different feel. Transform your house with this style and show your guests that you’re a true fan of this classic genre.

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