Decorate Your Wall With a Guitar You Don't Use Anymore

You can decorate your wall with any old thing in your house. For example, if you have an old guitar you don't use anymore, there are lots of DIY options to make it a home decoration.
Decorate Your Wall With a Guitar You Don't Use Anymore

Last update: 21 January, 2019

If you like music or want to give your house a more artistic feel, you can decorate a wall in your house with a guitar. It’s a great way to pay a tribute to a favorite singer or the person in your family who used to play it.

You might have found the guitar when spring cleaning, or maybe you saw it in a second-hand store. Maybe the instrument belonged to your parents or was yours when you were younger…Maybe you don’t even know who it used to belong to! Regardless, if you’re not going to use it to make music, you can use it to decorate. Read this article to learn how.

how to use a guitar to decorate a wall

How to decorate a wall with a guitar

DIY projects don’t need many materials, just a healthy dose of imagination.

To begin with, you have to split open the guitar–all you need is the front of the sound boxYou can use the rest for other projects. Secondly, you have to take off the bridge and the strings. If it’s in a good state, you can leave the guitar as it is. Otherwise, it’s probably best to sand it with sandpaper made especially for wood.

The next step is to paint it whatever color you like. For example, you can paint it yellow with black details. Then you can use your imagination and make a design. You could even write a sentence like “Music is life” or “Music is my passion” on it. Or, you could sign your name to commemorate your musical family.

Once you’ve done this, give the guitar a transparent finish with a broad brush and let it dry overnight. The last thing to do is to put a hook on the back to hang it up. You could also use the hole in the center for this. After that, all you have to do is decide where you want to put it!

More guitar decorating ideas

If you liked the idea of using a guitar to decorate a wall and want some more ideas keep reading.

1. Shelves

Taking off the front of the sound box will leave you with the hollowed out part of the guitar. You can put all kinds of things inside it: flowerpots, books, picture frames, accessories, souvenirs, etc…

Start by sanding and painting the guitar, then paint some small wooden boards the same color and insert them long-ways. You can give it “feet” and put it a corner of the room, or attach a cord or hook and hang it from the wall. This is not the kind of shelf you see every day!

guitar shelf

2. A bar

Yes, you read that right. If you want a bar in your house but don’t have room, this is perfect for you. You’ll be giving the guitar a practical use at the same time as you make it a decoration.

Use a hot nail to pierce the front of the sound box and make shapes like stars, hearts, swirls, etc. You can then put a light source inside the guitar. Once you turn it on, the light will come out of all the little holes in your design.

Put a shelf on the wall and put the guitar on it horizontally. That’s it–now you have a shelf for your drinks that will light things up on nights you want to entertain!

3. Exhibition

If you absolutely love guitars (or music in general), it might seem sacrilegious to cut them, paint them, decorate them, or put holes in them. In that case, don’t worry, you can also use them as a kind of decoration on their own, without doing anything to them.

Pretend that you have a recording studio and place the guitars alongside each other on a free wall. It’s best if the wall is white so that they’ll stand out more. You can also hang them vertically like they’re works of art.

Using a guitar to decorate a wall in your house is simple. Plus, there are endless options, which makes this a perfect DIY project if you want a musical house. So, get going and start decorating with instruments!