3 Autumn Decor Ideas for Living Rooms

It's time to start redecorating your living room again to welcome autumn. Here are some of our tips and ideas.
3 Autumn Decor Ideas for Living Rooms

Last update: 27 February, 2019

We’re far into the year and should start thinking about updating our home decor to match the season. So, in today’s post, we want to show you how to decorate your living room for autumn.

To nail the decor, we can look to hygge or lagom for inspiration. Both trends stem from the main idea of conditioning our homes to create a space where we can feel completely comfortable. Home is the best place to be.

The origins of these concepts hail from the Nordic countries where winters are harsh and people have no choice but to spend lots of time at home. If homes are well decorated and furnished to create a warm, cozy setting, we’ll feel much more at ease.

We should design with this all in mind, especially during the colder months when we’re actually going to spend more time at home. In our post today, we want to share some autumn decor ideas for your living room.

1. Change the textiles

First off, it’s time to bring out the blankets or plaids and to always have them near the couch or armchair. They’re also quite common for bedrooms, but they’re perfect for living rooms.

autumn living room1

Moving on, many people change their curtains for spring or summer, choosing lighter, more transparent fabrics and heavier options for autumn. But heavier doesn’t mean dimmer lighting; they’re two independent factors.

And, of course, we can change rugs as well. Take a close look at the fiber length. Different lengths can create different effects. With the right rug, you can really add a comfortable ambiance to your setting.

You’re really just “bundling up” your living room. Play around with poofs, pillows, plaids or blankets to create a completely comfortable space where everyone is more than welcome.

In terms of making a room comfortable, there’s nothing better than using natural materials: wood, natural fibers or textiles like linen, wool or cotton. You can try crafts like crochet or macrame to nail the effect.

2. Choose the right color palette

We already know that certain colors evoke autumn. Generally speaking, they’re earthy or mustard tones. But why these colors? They make us think of tree bark or falling leaves.

autumn living room 2

Brown and all of its variants (beige, sand, light brown…) is still a classic element of autumn decor. Ocher and red tones are also a great option, just like dark shades of green.

If you want, paint your walls halfway to mix two colors of your choice. We recommend leaving the darker color for the lower part of your walls while painting the upper part a lighter or neutral color. With that order, there’ll be a more visual balance.

Remember that you can also bring these colors into your rooms by using patterns instead of solid colors. Textiles can give you plenty of options. Just look for a balanced final result.

3. Add some autumn accessories

Lastly, using certain accessories is important for decorating your living room. Botanic accessories are a wonderful idea.

autumn living room 3

For example: fill a glass container with pine cones or dried leaves. Or, spread out individual dried leaves throughout your living room: in a corner of the mirror, peeping out of a book… Another idea is creating a floral arrangement with wilted or dried flowers. You can purchase one at a decor store or make it yourself.

Decorating your living room for autumn is easier than it seems. Remember that you don’t have to change it entirely every year: most of the objects are reusable. You’ll just need to find a dry place to store them during the rest of the year. With our ideas, your living room can look perfect this autumn.