Tips on Keeping Your Books Organized

Have too many books at home and don't know what to do with them? Here are some tips for keeping them in order at home.
Tips on Keeping Your Books Organized

Last update: 09 March, 2019

If you love reading and have piles of books and magazines your home can be chaotic if you don’t organize them. Today, we want to go over some tips for keeping your books organized on their shelves.

A lack of space to keep books is a common problem in many homes. Even though physical books are beginning to disappear in today’s digital world, some people still use them and love to keep them.

That’s where the problem begins – what can you do with so many books? Sometimes, space is the problem and other times, it’s a matter of personal organization. Our tips can help you organize and control your space.

Don’t use your entire home as a storage closet

Your home isn’t a storage closet where you can pack in each and every book. Most of them of the will just collect dust or you’ll only read them once.

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So what can you do? Don’t keep books just for the sake of keeping them. If you see a book that you know you won’t open, resist the urge to buy it. Don’t take home books just because they’re free either.

You have to be selective. Choose only the ones you’ll read and don’t hoard. By being selective, you can let go of the books that don’t interest you, keeping them from building up in your home.

— Only choose the books that you know you’re going to read. —

Bookshelves to keep books organized

Using bookshelves to your advantage is crucial. Don’t pile up your books in a corner when you have a perfectly fine bookcase to put them away in.

  • Use a bookcase in your living room. Here, a bookcase can give a room a sophisticated and cultured ambiance. Keep your books organized and try to fill in all the gaps.
  • Or, set a bookcase up in your bedroom or home office. Remember that they serve for decoration as well, not just storage.
  • You can organize your books into sections or themes; the main idea is to keep the main genres separate and keep them organized.
  • What advantages does using bookcases have? They create order and clarity, allowing you to find books quickly.
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— There’s nothing better than an organized home. —

Order and functionality

Bookcases can offer an organizational aspect that other elements, such as chests or closets, can’t. They’ll also enhance your decor.

  • Put your smaller books on top and your bigger ones on the bottom (especially heavy encyclopedias.)
  • Instead of organizing them by color, your books will look better in mixed order. Color coding here could give off the wrong impression.
  • Dust weekly. Remove all of your books and wipe each one with a rag.
  • Don’t make your bookcase the centerpiece of your living room. Instead, make it a decorative complement to the rest of the decor; keep it in a spot that’s optimal for reading and studying.
  • Always keep your bookcase in order. Every time you take a book out, put it back in its place. Keeping your books organized will maintain the balance and harmony of your setting.
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What about the books that you don’t read anymore?

Whether it’s because you’ve already read them or won’t read them again, if you know that certain books are useless to you, get rid of them.

You don’t necessarily have to throw them out with the trash. Books can have another life: you could donate them to a library, give them to someone who needs them or sell them online.

The main idea is to reduce the number of useless objects in your home. Over time, books can really pile up. And lots are books means lots of dusting!