Using a Mid-Century Modern Style for a Trendy House

A mid-century modern style can give your home an original, organic and updated look. This is the best way to get a trendy aesthetic.
Using a Mid-Century Modern Style for a Trendy House

Last update: 27 March, 2020

If you’re looking for an innovative way to give your home a new look, the Mid-Century Modern style is the one for you. This aesthetic is an interesting look worthy of attention.

Isn’t it time to give your home a makeover? Making it look fresh and trendy is what the Mid-Century Modern style can do for you. Your house won’t look like any other.

People will notice the Mid-Century Modern style and it’ll give them a sense of comfort, warmth, and calm. The things you’ll need to use will turn your space into something unique, unlike any other, with a harmonious look.

A mid-century modern style chair.

A new concept for your living room

This is the best place to show off this style. Work on your furniture and make it the focus of this aesthetic renovation. Next, let’s summarize some of its key characteristics.

  • The sofa and central table, just like the chairs, should be small. Using simple and soft lines, staying away from baroque or classic shapes. Less is more.
  • Folke Ohlsson chairs could be a great addition. They’re functional, with simple lines, and combine wood and color palettes. In the same way, draw some inspiration and channel your inner Le Corbusier and distribute your furniture in a rationalist style.
  • Choose essential furniture, that fulfills a function and that gives your room a modern dynamic. You can combine patterns and shapes, but don’t overdo it.
A mid century modern style should include timber floors, furniture with simple shapes and plants

The chromatic range

For color, make sure the general idea transmits warmth. Use cool colors, but don’t let them dominate the room. Create a contrast.

You should always use wood, however, use it carefully. It can be found mainly in the furniture or on the floors. And there’s another option – have a wooden wall that contrasts with the walls painted in a lighter color.

For the main focus choose the sofa. Add a more intense tone than the rest of the furniture, so they’ll complement each other nicely.

To get a Mid-Century Modern style, choose your color palette carefully.

Large, ample windows à la Mid-Century

Natural sunlight is very important. There must be harmony between the interior design and the outside world.

The windows should be large, long and wide, to make the best of natural sunlight.

The lighting should act as a connection with the outside and use nature as another element of design. It’s not about using wide windows to replace the walls. Use just a few windows in specific places.

A mid century style kitchen.

Other interesting Mid-Century Modern resources

Apart from the resources you’ve read about, the Mid-Century Modern style uses functional complements, like carpets. The carpets don’t have to be in just one color, you can use big, patterned carpets. For your lamps, use a floor lamp in a curved shape that brings light and an original aesthetic.

Regarding other decorative complements, use small decorations, so you don’t saturate any space. Choose resources that are modern and chic.


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