How to Use Color to Make Your Rooms Appear Brighter

Here are some ideas of how you can use color in your home to create the style you want and make your rooms appear brighter.  
How to Use Color to Make Your Rooms Appear Brighter

Last update: 20 November, 2020

The amount of light in your home depends on several factors, including its location in relation to the sun, the size of your windows,

and, of course, on your decoration. It’s therefore worth considering how you can use color to make your rooms appear brighter.

Nowadays, there are interesting artificial lighting solutions for almost any room in your home. You can find lighting to your taste that can also be incorporated into the style of your home.

However, when creating a bright home, it’s important to consider the color of your rooms. Dark colors might create a sense of gloom, while brighter colors will intensify and reflect natural light.  

How to use the color white to brighten your home

A dining room with bright colors.

The effect that the color white can have in a room is fairly obvious. White is easy to combine with other colors and fits perfectly in almost any space. You can use it in specific decoration, or you can use it as the predominant color in a space.

White is also a very reflective color. When light falls onto the color white, it reflects throughout the room and noticeably increases its brightness. White can really make a room shimmer, especially if you use it on your walls.

There are various shades of white, some of which create more light. Off-white is a good example. This shade brings a sense of warmth and peace to a space.

Using white to decorate your home is a great way to bring more light into your spaces.

How to use warm colors to brighten your rooms

An image show how to use color to brighten a space.

Although white is a useful color, it’s also important to know what other colors you can use to make your home lighter. As it’s vital to avoid those that are dark and dull, here are some warmer colors you could use:

  1. While mustard is a fairly bold color, it isn’t too loud and is quite attractive. It also reflects light very well. If you combine mustard with white or earth-colored furniture, you can create a calm, tranquil space.
  2. Salmon is also a warm, gentle, and soft color. If you want to use salmon in your decoration, it’s best to choose a lighter, paler shade, as other shades can appear much duller.
  3. Orange is a more summery and youthful color. It can bring your senses to life. When it touches the light, orange can bring a feeling of warmth to a space. In fact, this strong color creates light even on its own and can take center stage in any space.
  4. Finally, we can’t forget yellow, another quite striking color that clearly stands out among other decorations. However, as yellow is so bright and powerful, it can be difficult to combine with other colors.

Using blue tones to brighten your home

There are many different shades of blue, but if you’re looking for a shade to brighten your home, then it has to be sky blue. Using this gentle, subtle color you can easily create a comfortable, peaceful space.

Sky blue is a very clear color that reflects natural light. By using it to decorate your walls, you can easily create a fresh, calm feeling.

It’s quite common to use shades of blue to create color contrasts on cushions, rugs, blankets, and blinds. However, to ensure that all your decorations go well together, it’s actually best to use blue on your walls. This ensures that your interior style is consistent throughout your home.

Achieving the right balance between light and color can create a beautiful look. 

How to use pastel colors to decorate your home

An image show how to use color to brighten a space.

When it comes to giving your home a new look using colors that make your rooms seem brighter, pastel colors could do the job perfectly. There are many different pastels to choose from and each one can create a distinct look, while also coordinating with the rest of your decoration.

You can create both artificial and natural light using pastel colors. They can make a room feel peaceful, without over brightening the space. Pastels can also help to create a comfortable, positive-feeling environment. In fact, on cloudy, gray days, pastels can bring a sense of clarity into your home.


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