8 Ideas to Decorate the Foot of the Bed

Would you like to decorate the foot of the bed? Here are some ideas.
8 Ideas to Decorate the Foot of the Bed

Last update: 11 June, 2020

You probably took your time to find the perfect bed linen and headboard for your bed. But have you ever thought about decorating the foot of the bed? It’s time to give it the spotlight it deserves!

At your feet

Use organic materials to decorate the foot of the bed

Do you like wicker baskets? They’re pretty, practical, and versatile. Wicker baskets can adapt to almost any decoration style and can fit anywhere in your home.

Here we propose you place a couple of these baskets at the foot of the bed and use them to store blankets or cushions. They’re a great option for a bohemian and relaxed look.

A bed with a bench at the foot of the bed.

A chest to store your treasures

Chests are great to keep things in order. You can find true works of art in flea markets, and they’re also a great choice to store your bed linen.

You can find many styles of chests like classical, Eastern, wicker, or with a modern look. It all depends on what look you want for your room.

Using a pouf to decorate the foot of the bed

Without a doubt, poufs are very popular and are a good choice. Having a pouf next to your bed will make it easier to get dressed or undressed, or to sit down and put your shoes on. Find a pouf that comes in neutral colors because it’ll match everything in your room.

A chest to keep toys by the foot of the bed.

The timeless wooden bench

A bench is a super practical choice that can satisfy more than one need. On one hand, you’ll have an extra seat, especially if it’s upholstered. On the other, you’ll have a side table for those Sunday mornings when you eat your breakfast in bed.

Some benches have a shelf where you can store blankets, or keep your shoes, cushions, or smaller objects if you add some little baskets or boxes.

The simplicity of a stool

Stools are very useful decoration pieces. Thanks to how light they can be, you can put them wherever you need them and use them as a side table. If you like smaller pieces, try combining two or three stools to create a harmonious and intimate space.

A little sofa

If you have a big bedroom, make the most of it. Forget about using a stool or a bench. Find a sofa that has a lot of presence and is capable of filling a room.

Don’t think too much when you position the sofa. You’ll have a place to sit down and read a book, take your shoes off, or relax without getting into bed. Try finding a quilted and velvet sofa, you’ll love it!

Foot of the bed with a little wait area.

Recycled materials

Do you want an original and eco-friendly way to decorate the foot of the bed? Use recycled materials.

Let your creativity flow and find an item that makes you happy. From using an old suitcase to a piece of wood turned into a stool.

Stackable boxes to decorate the foot of the bed

Stackable boxes are a useful alternative to store bed linens. They are made of many materials like wicker, metal, cardboard, or wood. You can buy boxes in different sizes and create a chic look.

Give the foot of the bed the importance it deserves and decorate it with items that fit your aesthetic but are also practical and useful.

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