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Try Puff Seats to Decorate Your Home

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Try this unique furniture for a modern decor feel.
Try Puff Seats to Decorate Your Home
Last update: 24 April, 2019

Puff seats to decorate your home symbolize sophistication, elegance, comfort, and practicality.

These types of seats are becoming more and more common. This is because they are very functional and have multiple uses. In addition, they bring an air of elegance and youthfulness to a room.

There are many types of seats depending on the material, the shape, and their use. These seats are not only for the home, but there are also many commercial versions.

In this article, we’ll talk about different puff seats according to various criteria. 

What are puff seats?

They are a type of soft furniture where a person can sit comfortably or even lie.

Puff seats were invented in 1968 and today we not only see them in homes but also in businesses, cafes and libraries.

They consist of two parts: the fabric and the stuffing.

They can be made from many types of fabric. When it comes to the filling, there are various types as well. It can be natural (rice, for example), feathers, cotton, polystyrene or polyester.

Basically, there are two types of puff seats.

  • Traditional: the malleable type of different sizes and material that we can sit on or lie on. They mold completely to the body and are filled with rice, feathers, polystyrene or polyester.
  • Benches with cushions: These are more versatile than the traditional seats. This is because they are more rigid and aren’t just to sit on, but also to place objects on.

In addition to these two types, there are variations according to material and shape.

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Decorating according to shape

Bean bag chairs are a versatile item because of their different shapes.

  • Squares and rectangles: offer a stable surface and can be used not just to sit on but also as a footrest, end table, etc.
  • Round: can be more or less stable. Currently, these are the most common.
  • Pear-shape: traditional, comfortable, and available in all sizes. These are ideal for a young person’s room. They are not just to sit on, but also to lie on.
  • Pyramid shape: This is the more elegant version of the pear shape.
  • Freeform: these are puff seats that can be in the shape of a sofa or chair. 


The type of material is what makes a puff seat unique.

This furniture comes in a great variety of fabrics and qualities:

  • Covered in fabric: a design that never goes out of style is patchwork.
  • Canvas: a common and practical choice.
  • Rattan: this material is ideal for use outside. It is also great for environments with Scandinavian designs since they use natural materials.
  • Leather: this is the most expensive and you’ll see Moroccan ottomans made of leather. These are ideal for ethnic decor.
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Functions of puff seats

Some of the characteristics of these include versatility and functionality. Maybe this is why people choose this type of furniture.

We can use these seats in different areas of the house, from the bedroom to the living room.

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Where can I buy puff seats?

Puff seats are an easy item to find due to their popularity. They are available in practically all furniture stores.

  Being so popular, there is quite a bit of competition so they are available

                                                        in all price ranges.


Puff seats give a modern look to wherever they are located. They add uniqueness, are durable and there are both formal and casual styles.