Nordic to Minimalist: How to Transform your Home

Do you know how easy it is to transform your house from Nordic style to minimalist?
Nordic to Minimalist: How to Transform your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Want to transform your home from Nordic to minimalist? Although you might not think it at first, these two styles have many aspects in common, and transforming your home from one to the other is actually really simple.

Follow the steps in this article, and with just a few small changes, your home will look like it’s just been fully redecorated.

Nordic and minimalist: what do they have in common?

Firstly, we’re going to analyze the similarities between the Nordic and the minimalist style.

Although at first glance they might seem totally different from one another, they actually share many of the same characteristics. This is great when it comes to moving from one style to another. It means that you’ll be able to keep many of the features already in your house or alter them just slightly to make them perfect for a minimalist style home.

If you want to transform your home from Nordic to minimalist, these are the elements you can keep:

Transform your Nordic living room with a touch of color.
  • White: Both in Nordic style and the minimalist style, white tones are the star of the show. This color is used on everything from walls and floors to furniture. The result is a bright and spacious home.
  • Practical decoration: Another feature common to both these decorative styles is functionality. Every object in every room has a purpose. If there are any decorative elements, they are small and simple.
  • Straight lines: Both styles aim to create simplicity and functionality. The furniture, characterized by straight lines, is perfect for creating this effect. This makes it perfect for both Nordic and minimalist style homes.

Now that you know the features shared by these two decorative styles, you’ll know which elements you can use when moving from a Nordic to a minimalist style home. As you’ve seen, there are many similarities, so you only need to make a couple of small changes to be able to enjoy a beautiful minimalist style home.

Strip back the fabrics

One of the main characteristics of the Nordic style is the use of fabrics. They can be found all around the house, and are fundamental for combating the coldness of the decor. Despite the prominence of cold tones and straight lines, the fabrics help to create a warm and welcoming environment.

Cut back on the fabrics to transform your home from Nordic to minimalist.

Some of the fabrics you’ll find in Nordic style decoration include:

  • Cushions: These are perfect for sofas, beds, and armchairs. This is one of the few elements that can be used to bring a touch of color to Nordic style homes.
  • Blankets: as well as their practical usage, blankets also play an important decorative role. These elements bright great warmth to any bedroom, and are often combined with leather decorations or cushions. If you’ve decorated your bedroom in the Nordic style, these objects will help make your bed the center of attention.
  • Curtains: Nordic style homes usually have large windows. A good way to stop too much light coming in and to give you more privacy is to hang curtains. Like the rest of the house, these are usually cold in color. They are light, long and flowing, and take up a fair amount of space.

However, this excessive use of fabrics has no place in the minimalist style. This is one of the main changes you’ll have to make if you want to transform your home from Nordic to minimalist. We recommend that you substitute them for simpler fabrics which better suit the style. With this simple change, your home will take on a whole new look.

Transform your home with a touch of color

As we’ve already mentioned, these two styles are both known for their use of white. However, the overall color pallet used in each one is actually very different. In the Nordic style, you’ll find the use of cold colors like gray or blue. The minimalist style, on the other hand, has no set color pallet, so you can find all sorts of colors, from neutral to brighter tones.

So, when moving from Nordic to minimalist decor, it’s good to add a touch of color to your home. Gone is the muted, solemn decor. Add some color, but try not to break with the minimalist look.

Changing your home from Nordic to minimalist is very simple. As you’ve seen, both styles have many things in common, so you only need to make a few small changes to create a beautiful, minimalist style home. By reducing the amount of fabrics and adding a touch of color, your home will quickly transform from Nordic to minimalist.

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