How can you Choose the Ideal Decor Style for your Bedroom?

It can be said that the bedroom is the part of the house where can you see someone's personality or way of life represented the most strongly. With that in mind, it's very important to find the ideal decor style for your bedroom, one that suits your tastes, characteristics and needs.
How can you Choose the Ideal Decor Style for your Bedroom?

Last update: 16 December, 2018

To choose the ideal decor style for your bedroom, the first thing to take into account is your personality. Doing that, you will be able to tell which decor style you should lean towards.

Without a doubt, choosing just one style can be a little difficult. Sometimes you might  like such different things that the end result is a real mishmash. That’s why it’s always good to be ready to get rid of a few things.

When you start to weigh up which decor style to choose, first you should make a list of everything you like in terms of style.

Sometimes certain decor styles can be somewhat similar to your personality. You could try creating combinations within these styles. Obviously, this will turn out better if you choose decor styles that are similar.

It’s important to give a personal touch to your bedroom. It’s the only way to really feel at home there.

To create these combinations, you could find inspiration in catalogs (physical catalogs or online) and web pages of decor shops to better visualize the final result.

Below, we will show you various options to choose the ideal decor style for your bedroom, together with the type of personalities that are most closely related to these styles.

Are you an extrovert?

If your answer is yes, you will probably like mixing many colors and styles. Your bedroom will be a lively, joyful, carefree, dynamic and colorful room.

To achieve this atmosphere, there may be some decor styles that inspire you, such as bohemian, hippie or more contemporary styles such as pop. Remember that you could combine a couple of styles, always in good taste of course.

If you want to go for a bohemian or hippie style, it’s important to utilize textiles. Rugs, curtains, cushions… you could also hang up strings of fairy lights.

With regards to the pop style, don’t forget to use graphic print designs and plastic as a feature material.

If you are an extroverted person, include bright colors for the ideal decor style for your bedroom

For travelers and adventurers

As well as hanging photos of all your trips on the walls, you will see in this section that there are many other ways of expressing the traveling spirit in your bedroom. You could also decorate with maps. For example, you could put up a world map and show all the places you’ve been with pins.

On the other hand, you could always go for an international themed decor. In this style, each object, fabric or item of furniture should form part of the local culture of some area or country. The most important aspect of this style is the mixing of cultures. That way, you’ll achieve the ideal decor style for your bedroom that’s very rich and colorful.

Another option is an eclectic style style decor, where you can also mix up objects and diverse pieces of furniture. You have to bring together various trends without making the final result chaotic.

Lastly, if you want to give a more exotic flavor to your bedroom, you could use statues, trunks, natural fibers, brightly colored crystal lamps, animal motifs, varied textiles… as well as plants.

Include a world map if you are a traveler for the ideal decor style for your bedroom

Elegance before everything else

To choose the ideal decor style for your bedroom, you’re looking for a sophisticated bedroom, that’s elegant and symmetric. To achieve that, one option is the classic style. We recommend you use a lot of heavy, rich textiles, and that wood is the principal material. You could also consider using wallpaper and giving priority to floral furnishings or accessories.

One variant of the classic style is the colonial style. In this style, it’s indispensable to decorate using objects such as candelabras, trunks or wrought iron lamps. To complement these accessories, choose natural textiles and materials.

The romantic style could also be a good option. You should use items such as floral patterns, padded furniture or that with woven tapestry covers, wallpaper, and colors such as pastel or light tones.

You could also base your bedroom’s decor on the shabby chic style, that gives a classic and more modern look to worn and aged furniture and objects. Clear tones and neutral colors are the basics, as well as materials such as timber and iron. It’s common to see furniture treated with the distressed technique in this style.

You could choose the ideal decor style for your bedroom by considering a classic style decor

Do you flee from excess?

If you are a person who’s methodical and organized, without doubt, you will want a symmetric and balanced bedroom. You like a place to be undisturbed and calm.

For example, you could base the ideal decor style for your bedroom on the minimalist style: less is more. Remember to choose neutral colors and very simple furniture, with straight lines. Although you could decorate the walls, it’s better you don’t go overboard.

Another option is to take into account the oriental style. Your bedroom will transmit peace and calmness. As well as including few pieces of furniture, these should be low set, preferably made with all natural materials.

A minimalist style could be the ideal decor style for your bedroom

For supporters of a natural style

There are more and more people who are worried about caring for the environment. For that reason, to be more ecologically friendly, many try to include green corners within their home, whether it is mini gardens, or small kitchen gardens.

In relation to the above, they look for furniture and objects made from natural materials. Such things as timber, cork, wool, crystal or fibers (bamboo, palm fibers, etc).

You could also choose vegetable prints, as well as installing some indoor plants, for decorative reasons, but also due to the advantages that these carry for your health and well being.

For this type of decor style, it’s crucial to take advantage of natural light, and choose light colors and use many plants. With these aspects, you can create beautiful combinations. If you like the Nordic style you could look for ways to include this in your bedroom.

If you want to use natural items for the ideal decor style for your bedroom, try using timber, wicker, wool, fibers, and natural colors

Conclusion on the ideal decor style for your bedroom

We hope that this brief summary of the principal decor styles has been useful to you. It’s very important to take into account the age of the person that will be using the bedroom, and what decor style is found in the rest of the house.

You should also think about the space you have available in the room, to make the most of it without creating an oppressive, overdecorated room. Choose well and you can create the ideal decor style for your bedroom.


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