How to Make Your Home Unmistakably Yours

Your home can say a lot about who you are. It houses all kinds of elements that define how you are and your preferences.
How to Make Your Home Unmistakably Yours

Last update: 23 January, 2020

Are you decorating your home and want to give it a decor that’s unmistakably you? Today, read our tips on creating a decor that transmits who you are.

You can express many things with shape and color – mood, personality, etc. Clothes are a great example. They are a true reflection of who we are and what we want to express.

You can apply the same concepts to your home. Your furniture, colors and decor style can transmit who you are. Your guests will get a certain impression of you just by seeing your home.

Use your entrance as the prelude to a decor that’s unmistakably you

unmistakably home entrance

The first area guests step into upon entering a home is the home entrance. Whether big or small, it’s the decor that matters. Home entrances should be an introduction to what lies ahead.

First things first, take the time to analyze the main decor style of your rooms before you pull together a home entrance decor that’s unmistakably you. By organizing the decor styles of your home, you can use your entrance as a prelude to the rest of your home decor.

Keep in mind that light colors are ideal for walls as dark colors create a dark ambiance. As for your furniture, try not to overwhelm the space. Instead, use a few pieces that are functional while matching with each other.

The first thing you see when entering a home is the home entrance.

Your living room should reflect your intimate side

unmistakably living room

Your living room has the most important role in representing who you are mainly because it’s where you spend most of your time as well as where you entertain guests or hold celebrations.

  • You should adore the color of your walls. Also, they should describe your personality to perfection. But if you like black, be careful as it can come off as too strong. But there are plenty of other colors to choose from that will create the perfect backdrop for your home decor.
  • Your couch can be an interesting canvas for color, even for black. But make sure to match it with its surroundings and avoid using random colors thoughtlessly. Stay in control of your color palette.
  • Build up the decor style in your living room.
  • Make sure to contrast form and color tastefully. You can showcase who you are and your refined tastes as long as you maintain decor harmony.

Your bedroom, the most private area

unmistakably bedroom

Bedrooms are perhaps the most intimate spaces in a home. In other words, it’s the room you normally only access. It should follow the same decor style as the rest of your home.

  • Just as in the case of the living room, avoid overwhelming your bedroom decor. Remember that your bed is a fundamental element and takes center stage in your decor. You can use your bed to work color and design to make it unmistakably yours.
  • Nightstands, light fixtures, and dressers are other interesting resources you can use to complement your bed. Don’t forget that the colors are the most important pieces to matching everything together.

Subtle personal touches in the bathroom

unmistakably bathroom

If you want your home to be unmistakably yours, add the final details to your bathroom. Make sure it follows the rest of your home decor in addition to achieving harmony on its own.

Use the main color on your wall tiles and feel free to mix them with white as well. Remember to create a setting that feels clean and  hygienic.

Your bathroom decor should be subtle and respect the color palette in the rest of your home. And of course, that palette should reflect who you are.

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